Party With Alison

Party With Alison: A step-by-step guide on how to throw ANY type of super fun party — regardless of budget!

The course is a digital download that will be sent to you immediately once purchased. You’ll get links to all the videos and the downloadable PDF guides. Use this course at your own pace, over and over–there is no expiration date! The PDF guides have hyperlinks to my recommendations, so your resources are just a click away.



At some point in your life you’re probably going to have to throw a party! And whether that makes you terrified or super excited, there’s no changing the fact that hosting an event is always more fun, and easier with a friend. That’s why I created Party With Alison, so I can be your party planning pal, and luckily I’m a professional! I want to help you overcome feelings of overwhelm, get and stay organized, and show you how to use your unique strengths and talents to create the party of your dreams. Because I’m not JUST about throwing pretty parties, I’m all about throwing parties that leave you and your guests feeling awesome. Parties should be fun!

I’ve broken down my procedures for planning successful parties–REGARDLESS OF YOUR BUDGET–into easy, manageable steps, and with my friendly video instruction, and my WORK IT! Workbook, I’m going to help you plan your next event in about an hour.

I’m sharing absolutely EVERY tip and resource I have, and if you’ve seen my parties you know I have a lot, because I want you to walk away from this course a party master.

So whether you want to blow up Pinterest or just create a casual gathering to celebrate a friend, I’m positive you’ll enjoy Party With Alison.


– 10 instructional videos with over 80 minutes of video

–  A 17-page WORK IT! Workbook that breaks down EACH step of planning your party

– A 15-page Get Inspiration Now guide with my top tips and resources for getting inspired

– A dream map I created to help you find your perfect party theme time and time again

– My one-of-a-kind party planning philosophies

– Tips for working within your budget

– A Portions Serving Guide from a professional caterer

– A Party Supply Resource Guide

– Day of set-up check lists and priority lists to keep you on track


– A video on how to set up a photo booth or backdrop wall

– A video on how to cut and serve a layer cake

– A video on my favorite tools and adhesives for hanging things and decor installation

– A video on how to set up a dessert table

– A video on creating and printing large signage for your parties

– Behind-the-scenes footage of the set-up of my BFF Bash

– Tips for overcoming overwhelm

– Dance breaks!


HOLY PARTY! That’s a lot of info! But as you can see, this course isn’t about throwing events that look just mine, and I’m not giving specific DIYs for creating one type of decoration! I’m sharing skill based concepts so you can create events over and over again. This course is about throwing ANY TYPE of SUPER FUN party, regardless of your budget, regardless of your experience, and regardless of whether or not you like to craft and bake.

Because parties are all about showing people that we love them. And I’m excited to help you do just that, show people that you care.