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photos by Matt Clayton

Hi, I’m Alison Faulkner, the girl who gave herself her own show. And this is it. You’re watching my “show”! Thank you.

You can reach me at heygirl@thealisonshow.com

I’m a writer, event producer, and positive message spreader. I believe in love, diet soda, and encouraging others to find their gift and share the crap out of it.

I party hard on YouTube, and even harder on Instagram, so be sure to hang out with me there!

I love making and baking, hosting parties, and talking to the camera/large groups of people. But, more often than not, my main goal is just trying not to have a nervous breakdown.

If you’re looking for some places to get started:

I like to tell you you’re awesome

I’m an exceptional dancer?

I make a mean sugar cookie.

I’m a party expert.

And these videos tell you all about me and my family.

I started this blog, site, and show circa 2007 for one simple reason: to create a place where I could share more love. I know, I know, but I’m actually serious. That’s why I do what I do.

Aside from all that? I have three kids, a music-producer husband, and a rad office with a giant flamingo named Frank. Currently I live in Provo, Utah, a city that I love and promote whenever possible. I sell handmade leather triangle mobiles, and I’m trying every damn day to achieve my end-goal of world domination.

Let’s keep in touch! I have a sporadic newsletter that will keep you abreast on feeling awesome and all things fun. You should join!

Thank you with all my heart for stopping by, taking the time to look around, and for caring enough to wonder who I am!

I wish you all the best!