How I Share it


So I am super excited and a tad nervous to share this new series of videos with you! Because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and at the same time it’s so near and dear to my heart and means so much to me it’s nerve-racking to put out in the world.

But here goes everything.

Almost 2 years ago I shared that my husband Eric had lost his job, and we made the decision to both work for ourselves.

In that time we have both grown and struggled a lot. But I’d say the biggest triumph for us is that we have both discovered what we believe are our unique gifts, and now we are making a living (though it is currently a humble one) from our passions.

I basically think the point of life is to find your gift, what makes you YOU, and for you to share the hell out of it. And that’s what I’m trying to do! Share my gift! But sometimes I can’t figure out how! For example, I wanted to do these videos, but I needed some parameters! I needed some funding! I needed some encouragement. (Don’t we all?)

Enter Western Digital. They are partnering with influencers and looking to share their stories. You might not think you know WD, but it’s like, hard drives? Yeah. Kind of a big deal. Haha. I told them about my idea for a series for The Alison Show called, “How I Share It” and they loved it! And then enabled us to film these and bring these first three episodes to you.

It’s is sincerely a dream project. But it’s not always all about me, ok?

After you watch these videos WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOU! And your gift! And how you are trying to share it, or figure it out!

So hop below the videos to see how to enter!

In the first video Eric and I share how we decided to go all in, and what that means for us, and our family. We talk about how we split up our work time, and taking care of the kids, how we live off the land (not really), and what we do most of the time as a family (spoiler, eat popsicles on the porch).

Next I share what I believe my gift is, a little more about The Alison Show, and how I’m sharing my gift and trying to hustle it! You can also see some behind-the-scenes action of Eric making one of my IG dance videos, and I talk more about why I’m do all the random things I do!

Then you get a glimpse at my SUPER hip hubby’s studio, his work as a music producer, and how he works with artists to share his gift. He brings our “cool factor” up a lot, I know, I know.

WD and I want to know how YOU SHARE YOUR GIFT, so we are also holding a giveaway for this amazing My Cloud Mirror: which is wireless cloud storage, and it’s AWESOME, on my Facebook page! So be sure to enter and tell me all about YOU! I love this giveaway because this exact product has helped me share my gift.

WD is giving away:
THREE My Cloud Mirror (approx. $300 value each) and
THREE My Passport portable hard drives (approx. $75 value each)


My Cloud Mirror is this cute, sleek wireless hard drive (a little box that sits under my desk and I never see it) has changed how I do a lot of things! It makes editing my videos and saving large files so SO much easier, I’ve backed up my photos and I don’t live in fear that I’ll lose my computer and lose my life. Plus it’s wireless so Eric and I can both use it, save to it, and access files from our phone or anywhere. It’s THE BOMB.

But back to me ok?

I share these not because Eric and I think we have it all figured out, but because we are so passionate and excited about what we’re doing, that we hope if you’re thinking about taking the plunge to share your gift, that you’ll feel comforted in knowing others are too!

And maybe you aren’t quite sure what you want to share yet. Wait, been there, for like the past 7 years of my life. Haha. So maybe this will be helpful on that end as well.

I hope you enjoy learning a little more about what we’re doing over here! And I can’t wait to hear about you over on Facebook!

Thank you so much for your love, support, feedback, and for being a part of me dream.


hair and makeup styling by: Kayti from The BeYOUty Bureau
video by: Modern Atelier
music by: Pleasant Pictures
video made possible by: WD

Caramel Peach Upside Down Cake

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 9.51.18 AM

It has been a while, so in case any of you missed this last year, I wanted to remind you of my caramel peach upside down cake recipe!

It’s peach season after all, and this cake is SO flipping good! It’s pretty simple too, and it makes 2 cakes. So it’s perfect for a dinner party OR if you want one for you and one to take to a friend.

AND it’s also ALMOST September which means it’s ALMOST Ginger’s birthday! Which means I have been thinking about her party for officially 2 months. I HAVE ISSUES.

I think it’s because her birthday comes after a lull of holidays and festivities, I get tired of summer and so excited for fall, so I start thinking about her birthday WAY sooner than is reasonable.

I like all but forgot Rad’s first birthday, held the party a week late and planned it in a week as well. I think a lot of it was denial that my baby was turning 1. But I have NO problem with Ginger getting older HA!

We have decided on a “Unicorn cotton candy” theme, she likes to add “unicorn, monkey, snake” (all her favorite stuffed animals) theme, but mama Alison is going to magically for get the monkey and the snake. Sorry Gi.

The party will be good enough to compensate. I swear.

OK! And in case you missed the previous madness, her 3rd birthday party was a puppet party!

Now, go forth and bake with peaches! Party! And be awesome. Oh and speaking of I swear I will post a new part in the How to Be Awesome Series soon too!

I swear I’ve been working a ton but I feel like I’m not getting anything done. Or at least have nothing to show for it. Oh well. Sometimes I’m boring. Love you all.


Finding my Beauty // Interview with The BeYOUty Bureau

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 3.00.47 PM

Hey! Just wanted to bounce in and say hello! I have so many people I love in my life, and I love sharing when they are doing things that I think will help YOU and make your life better too! So I hope to be doing this more, and I hope you love it!

Today I want to share a project with you that I think is just so SO awesome! My friend Kayti Oldham, who is always helping me to look glam, has a really fun YouTube channel called The BeYOUty Bureau.

Since getting to know Kayti, and taking a fun workshop from her about makeup a while back, I’ve realize how clueless and in a rut I’ve been with my beauty routine. I’d walk into Sephora and tell the sales girl, “just give me something, anything you think that would look good for…” whatever I needed. And that’s not a TERRIBLE method, but I didn’t feel like I could make myself ever looks THAT good. I’d spend a bunch of money and not be all that happy.

It’s not that I care to be all dolled up all day every day, but if I’m going on a date, or making a video or headed to host a party, I want to look HOT! I just don’t think it’s that much to ask! Haha. Then again, some days I want to look hot just for the hell of it! And I think that’s ok too!

I’d watch all these YouTube tutorials trying to do my hair and get really frustrated. “Im a crafty, artistic person! I HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE!!! WHY can’t I do my #$%# hair like these 16-year-olds can!” I’d scream to Eric.

I didn’t think much about makeup or hair, but I wanted it to look good WHEN I WANTED TO LOOK GOOD. I think I forgot that like ANYTHING ELSE, you get what you put in. When I was in high school I read magazines and learned about beauty products. So I knew more about them. I just haven’t focused on it in forever. I wouldn’t say I’m frumpy, I love bright lip stick and make an effort, but I didn’t know the power of filling in your eyebrows! Something I’ve learned from Kayti!

Kayti knows as much about beauty products as I do about crafting and baking supplies. And I don’t say that lightly. You can ask me about ANY craft or baking product and I have some reference for it. Because I spend a lot of time researching and reading about them and using them. Kayti is the SAME way! But with beauty. She has become a total crutch, I don’t buy anything without asking her first, or checking her recommendations.

She’d probably be ok with me giving out her phone number so you can text her 20 times a day like I do, (like to say KAYTI I PLUCKED MY EYEBROWS PRAISE ME!) she’s THAT sweet, but instead I’ll tell you where you can find her online.

She has lots of really great tutorials, my favorite is this Curling with a Straightener for Beachy Waves video, it has like changed my life! Well my hair life. Because I can ACTUALLY DO IT!

But she also has an awesome Instagram with fun product reviews and roundups. But my MOST favorite thing she is doing is interviewing women about finding their real beauty, and what makes them feel beautiful.

Kayti flattered me by interviewing me for this series! So I’m posting the video here! But you should go watch all the interviews on her channel because they’re gonna give you a boost! Especially Kayti’s video. You’ll see how awesome she is.

I hope you guys enjoy the interview! I think what Kayti is doing is so important because using makeup and all those fun things in the right way, to help you feel your best, well it can truly make a HUGE difference in your day-to-day life and help you feel more awesome.

So! How do you guys feel about beauty?! Are you junkies! Do you need help? What do you struggle with, or wish you knew more about?

Should we convince Kayti to do a series of tutorials…for US?!

Ok! Lemme know! Lot’s of love!


search for your awesome party: minneapolis

Awesome party ideas Minneapolis
Well what could you possibly expect from me at this point? That there would be a couch and palm frond and I WOULD NOT DO THIS?

Here we are! Party #5 of the “Search for Your Awesome” tour! Showing you how we got doooooooown in Minneapolis. So at this point I had been traveling for a week, been lost in SO MANY different cities, and had worked my tail off setting up, speaking at, and taking down a lot of parties. 5 to be exact. That’s a lot for one woman ok? Just returning a rental car is emotionally draining in my book. Yes, I’m a wimp.

Needless to say I was kind of tired and feeling ANYTHING but awesome leading up to this party. In fact there was a FREAKING Volleyball tournament of America in the city with the Mall of America, and because some things got mixed up I couldn’t get a hotel room, or a car or anything. Eric and I called 60 hotels trying to find me somewhere to stay. I ended up staying SO far away I HAD to get a car, which led to an episode of me sobbing hysterically at the airport, and me deciding to spend more money than we do on our mortgage in order to get the last rental car in all of Minneapolis. It was kind of the worst, then again, it was a PRETTY PIMP car. I looked fly in it.

What I’m saying is, please please please remember, when you see people LIVING it up, traipsing across the country, and having more fun than you on social media, that there is always a flip side to that coin. And not in a, “Well she’s so skinny, but it’s ok cause she’s a huge jerk” kind of way, like trying to justify other people’s happiness…hahaha (we all do it) but more of a, YES this was an amazing experience, and YES it was fun and glamourous, and YOU BETCHA I lounged on a lot of swanky rental furniture and noshed on the finest catering…but it also required tons of work, sacrifice, and sobbing hysterically in front of strangers (and the videography crew).

Awesome party ideas Minneapolis

Cue Maddy and Shuana from Confetti Pop! I had never met them, but could not have asked for two more dedicated and enthusiastic hostesses to help boost me up before I headed back to Provo. They spent SO much time and thought on this gorgeous party! We got to learn from their really awesome styling course that they sell here! It was so informative! Maddy brought more props than they have in all of Los Angeles (for people to try their hand at styling) and Shauna worked up one of her famous dessert tables. They are selfless, creative, encouraging souls and it was an honor to help run around sweating and swearing with them to set up this soiree. (Is it apparent with all that alliteration I have a minor in English? I thought so.)

So enjoy this fun video! And then hop through to see pictures of all the glorious details. I LOVE the color scheme, I don’t know if I would have ever thought to go that route! But I mean, I’m convinced now.

The Alison Show SURVEY!

Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 2.48.53 PM

Well hello! As you all know, or picked up on, The Alison Show is always undergoing changes hahaha, well because I’m always undergoing changes! But anyway, in my 7 years of doing this I’ve never conducted any sort of survey! Can you believe it?! I have no idea what you all think! Well other than your sweet comments, emails and stuff like that!

SOOOOO I have a 10 question survey! It’s more qualitative than it is quantitative, but it shouldn’t take you long to complete and it would MEAN THE WORLD to me if you’d help a sister out!

I’m basically always gonna do whatever I feel like doing…hahaha but I’d love LOVE to know what you find helpful, fun, inspirational, useful…ANYTHING so that I can point myself in a good direction where I’m doing what I love, but it’s actually meeting the wants and or needs of you guys! Cause you know, I like to invest in people who invest in me. WINK.

THE SURVEY IS CLOSED!! Thank you SO much for taking it! The results were SO helpful and interesting!

As a thank you I’m going to send out some of my sugar cookies to a few lucky survey respondents! Cookies? Eh? Eh?

Thank you again for reading, commenting, being awesome and sharing in part of this! I love you. You know I do.


Keep it crafty, Keep it sassy.