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Sweet Bunny Roll Pop BY ME, yeah I did that.

Oh hey friends! I’m living large in San Diego right now, visiting my family and lounging by the pool (it’s actually not THAT relaxing cause I keep working a ton but I also love working so, sue me!) BUT Easter is going to hop right on through, so I did a round-up of some:

Easy Easter treats for you on the babble blog!

Are you ready for Easter? You’ve got a whole week still, you’re gold. I’ve been thinking about it for forever and I still don’t have the baskets done or anything like that. Last year I MADE Gigi a dress, but last year I still only had one child! HA!

You guys, Mr. Rad turns one on FRIDAY. AS IN THIS FRIDAY. I think I mentioned how I’m in denial so I have hardly planned the party, so I’ll be holding it after his actual birthday, but parties are like a teenage girls period right? Better late than never.

Let’s make this week really rock ok? And I’m saying that because I’m already feeling overwhelmed by it.


Easter Egg Cupcakes

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Are you ready for one more Easter cupcake idea?! Or should I say Easter Egg-Cup Cake idea?! (see what I did there) This one is my personal fave! It combines 3 or 4 things I’ve been holding on to for years. No, seriously. There’s a story behind everything in this picture and I’m actually going to force each one on you! I can’t imagine why this would be interesting but for some reason I cannot help it. I think it’s because we’ve been in the car ALL DAY driving to San Diego and now I just need to SHARE!

THE EGG CUPS: I have been searching for plain, white ceramic egg cups FOREVER, so when I found these ones online from World Market AFTER Easter last year, I pinned them, and then bought them about a month ago. 4 for $4?! You just can’t beat that crap. I bought 8. Should have bought more!

Anyway. So there’s those. I’ve been dying to use them.

TINY SPOON: Then we have the tiny spoon. My friend Heather and I, like 3 years ago, got REALLY into the idea of photo props, haha, and so when we were killing time at Sur la Table one night she bought me this mini spoon and I have wanted to use it ever since. As I was taking these pictures I thought, “Gee, I wish I had some tiny utensil…WAIT! THE SPOON!” And the craziest part of the story is that I actually knew where the spoon was. You’ve seen pictures of my house and studio so you understand why that’s a pretty big deal.

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GOLDEN EGGS: Ok so I actually just grabbed these at the supermarket a month or so ago. Because when life hands you a golden egg you say, “Goose? Goose? We don’t need no stinking GOOSE!” I just mixed up so many references there, if you’re still reading you deserve a cookie.

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LIL CHICKS: Last year I was in San Diego right before Easter (THAT’S WHERE I AM NOW!) And I hit up Michael’s so I could get some Easter craft supplies and fell in love with these chicks. I bought them in 3 sizes and saved them in a box all year long. Again, the fact I found these this year is ASTOUNDING.

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 10.16.32 PM

So when I was making my Easter Cupcakes for Kids, for a while I wasn’t OBSESSED with how they were turning out, so I derailed for a bit and thought, what can I do with these cupcakes using stuff I have on hand? And this is what I came up with.

Ultimately I decided I like the other cupcakes as long as there was a KIDS emphasis, but if I was going to bring something to a party, or host an Easter meal these are what I would serve. Bunny hop through for the instructions!

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How to Frost Cupcakes Using Piping Tips

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Hey friends!

Remember when I declared this week cupcake week? Well I think I did it on Instagram, but anyway, HAPPY CUPCAKE WEEK!

Last week I shared a video with the recipe and tips for my PERFECT buttercream frosting.

And as promised, here is part 2, or How to Frost Cupcakes Using Piping Tips!

These tips will be especially useful if you decide to do my Easter Cupcakes for Kids! But I also love frosting cupcakes this way because it is just SO time effective. You throw the frosting in a piping bag, BOOP BOOP BOOP and then you’re off to the party you’re most-likely late for.

I think you can get away with using a cake mix for the cupcakes (even though I always prefer from scratch) if you use homemade frosting. And you’ll REALLY wow them if you pipe it on.

I know baking stresses some people out. And I respect you if you don’t like it. BUT I love baking, it de-stresses me, I love giving people things I’ve baked. I can’t sit down and give everyone the one-on-one attention sometimes, that type of giving is hard for me, because I have so much nervous energy! I’m trying to be better about it, but also give myself a break because we all have different strengths, right?

And one of my strengths is showing people I love them with LOADS of calories. I’m so helpful, right?!

But I think one reason people get stressed out about baking is they don’t have the right tools! And my motto is: It’s all about having the right crap on hand! So under the video I’ve listed all the resources I talk about! I hope you find some helpful tips!

6-Piece Pastry Tip Set

LARGE coupler (fits with the large tips I use & link to, but note these come in different sizes)

Large Petal Tip

Roll of 100 18″ Pastry Bags (most cost effective way to buy them, trust me)

Food Color Gel I LOVE and swear by.

Cupcake Liners: I cannot find these EXACT ones, but Shop Sweet Lulu and Bake It Pretty are my go-to resources for fun baking decor.

Black Sanding Sugar

Vintage Roses, similar to mine HERE!

OVER DRESSED shirt c/o Salt and Pepper Tees

Ok! That’s it for today! Thank you so much for, sharing, loving, pinning, watching, eating, and of course just being.


Easter Cupcakes for Kids

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Hey! SO I’m SUPER excited to share these REALLY fun Easter Cupcakes for Kids with you today! They are made using cupcakes, jelly beans, and some free paper downloads I made for you!

But let’s just say it how it is guys, the only reason I went to all the trouble (and they took a ton of time!) to make these for you, hahaha, well 1. I love you, but 2. is because Bing sponsored this post! KISSES BING!

It’s no secret that I love Bing (they helped me throw a BOMB Parisian baby shower and let me throw the BEST dinner party) they are one hands down one of my favorite brands to work with! And you’ll notice there are no ads on my site and I don’t do sponsored posts very often, so I mean, I’m a picky mama.

So when Bing asked me if I wanted to try out their new Bing Rewards program, and create a fun tutorial while doing it I said, YES PLEASE!

So this is actually pretty fun, because the way Bing Rewards works is when you use their search engine, you get points. Then you can use those points to get gifts cards! Gift cards to Amazon, food places, you know, the good gift cards.

To me it’s just like a credit card points system, except no guilt. Haha, cause you won’t have to pay anything off later with all the imaginary money you’re going to make (do you guys do that too?).

Anyway, try it, see if you like it, you just change your browser windows and then, you search for stuff.

KEEP going for the how-to!

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On the roller coaster that is my life

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photo by Nicole Hill

I just recorded part 4 of How to be Awesome (I’ll post it next week!), and in it I briefly mention how lately people have been asking me, “Do you ever get depressed or down?”

And I feel like if you read my blog, then you probably know the answer to that question is a huge, fat, YES.

But I figured for those of you who are new, or newish, to this little place on the web, I’d share some insights about the roller coaster that is my life.

So, for funsy, we are going to start with a little history, and then we will bring it back to the present. But I must warn you, this history talks about my menstrual cycle, so if you don’t want to hear about it then go look at some pictures of my cookies! Or read my ideas for Easter eggs you can decorate with kids!

Still here?

Let’s roll.

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