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If you're sick of being bombarded with ways to transform yourself Alison is too. Alison and this book are here to help you understand that nothing external can give you worth or value __ you're already awesome, and all you need to do is learn how to recognize your inherent awesomeness and step into your true power! 


In you’re already awesome … Faulkner shares -- with honesty, vunerability, and a whole lot of humor -- personal stories and 12 powerful shifts that wil help you rediscover an awareness of your awesomeness!

Each shift is tied to tried and true methods that Alison has used with herself, and countless clients, to step into the life of their dreams! 

I Can Wake Up to My Awesome!

I Don't Have to Figure Anything Out!

I Can Choose My Freaking Focus!

How They Feel Means Nothing About Me!

I Am Exactly Where I Need to Be!

Feeling My Feelings Sets Me Free!

I’m Uniquely Qualified to Live My Life!

There’s No Problem to Solve!

I Get to Show Up as I Am, Right Now!



I’m Being Guided and Supported!

Joy Has Big Plans for Me! 

“Alison is a creative genius and has an amazing ability to help others find their own internal brilliance. Through a combination of beauty, pain and magic, this book will take its readers on a journey of self-discovery and help them reach their own level of Awesome!”

- Alexis and Chanté, founders of Let’s Talk Sis

"Alison’s boldness and pure energy just radiate in person and with the wisdom she shares. She is such a bright light, telling the truths of how we often dim our own lights and get in our own way. This will uplift and empower you to embrace your unique awesomeness."

 - Amy Tangerine, author of Making Memories and Craft a Life You Love

“Alison is a bright light on stage and off and she is shining through the page too in this beautiful and honest reflection. This book not only gives tangible tools for stepping into the fullness of who you are in a way that feels as though Allison is gently guiding you through it. The charismatic energy that Alison exudes is now a transcendent experience for us all through You’re Already Awesome.” 

-Arielle Estoria, poet, speaker, actor, and author of The Unfolding

“This is the book that will help you finally put your self-doubt to rest and awaken you to your brilliance. One chapter at a time, Alison Faulkner lays out a foundation for you to get back up and tap back into your life with power, grace, and confidence.”

- Nakeia Homer, author of I Hope This Helps

"In the way that only a “free agent of chaos” can, Alison combines thought leadership, pop culture, anxiety, alliteration, and the complexity & beauty of being human into a book that will not only have you sobbing, but rejoicing in your own beautifully messy AWESOME." 

-Courtney Brown, Founder and CEO of Cents of Style

 “BOOM! WOW! POWERFUL! You’re Already Awesome is theeee book to read to hush your inner hater and live life wide awake—now, not later! Alison Faulkner delivers a total mental makeover that will make you feel awesome and know that you are.”

— Richie Norton, one of the world's leading thinkers and coaches as honored by MG100 and bestselling author of Anti-Time Management 

Praise me!

Everybody loves “You're Already Awesome” 


Alison Faulkner is a branding and events expert, host of the podcast The Alison Show, consultant for Fortune 500 companies, writer, speaker, self-proclaimed nonsense dancer, and CEO of Alison’s Brand School, partnering with Microsoft and Alaska Airlines among others.

Alison is obsessed with her kids, husband, family, and friends. To learn more about my journey visit the about me page!