Why do I matter?

I love to say, “Only you can be you!” But I also used to always ask myself, “What’s the point of being me?”

Sometimes it’s easy to wonder, “Why do I matter?” Another old favorite of mine was: “There are so many other people who are better at what I want to do….why should I even try?” It can feel selfish to prioritize our dreams and goals, or even have these kinds of thoughts when we know there’s a world filled with people suffering, right?

YAS, I like to get real heavy real quick.

The other thing I like to do is get really philosophical–then whip out a jewled sports bra.


But back to the meaning of life, here’s what I believe:

I believe the reason you matter, why you should try, and why the world needs YOU, is because we need more LOVE in this world.

And as a human, who exists, you are ALREADY as awesome as you need to be, because you possess the ability to share love.

How do we share love?

I’m so glad you asked! I think there are lots of ways! But I believe we share the MOST love in this world by fuller expression and expansion of our true selves. When we uncover who we are and what we are the MOST awesome at, we can let go of focusing on who we THINK we need to be, or who others WANT us to be.

Because those thoughts just drain us of our most precious resource: our energy.

So how do we share the MOST love? By being freaking obsessed with who we are!

So Michael Jackson was right?!

Yes, yes he was. If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a (dramatic pause) CHANGE!

This URGENT need to share more of (AND LOVE) our best selves is the thing I’ve discovered I’m the most passionate about! I love nothing more then helping humans realize their insane goldmine of worth!

Why? Because it makes me feel awesome, and it’s what I feel called to do, so I’m freaking do it!

You are SO needed. And you are needed at your best.

Words I live by:

Psychologist and concentration camp survivor Viktor Frankl said in the conclusion of his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, “For the world is in a bad state, but everything will become still worse unless each of us does his best.”

This is my rallying cry.

I need you in the Awesome Empire!

I think the recipe for feeling as awesome as we are–and sharing our talents is simple, oh so simple, but not always easy.

I for one, need lots of boosts, tools and thought nuggets to help me navigate my life and do my best. So my quest is to grow an empire that enables more humans to freaking do what they feel called to do.

I need you in the Awesome Empire, and the world needs you to build your own. I’d love to help.

I can’t wait to party with you while we work on feeling as awesome as we are–because feeling awesome should be fun!

Are you in?

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