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Ep. 132: HOW TO BE BOLD, COLORFUL & TRUE TO YOU! With @colormecourtney!

One of the most beautiful, inspiring things to witness in life is someone being boldly, beautifully and fully themselves! And that’s EXACTLY what the insanely brilliant and talented Courtney Quinn of @colormecourtney seems to do so effortlessly! She inspires her community of millions to live a life full of color! Here she shares with me …


We are doing it! WE ARE DOING IT! I am finally doing the episode of my dreams, and showing you how Moana (yes the Disney movie) can help you answer all of your life’s burning questions! Using this beautiful hero’s journey, I’m going to use examples from Moana to invite you to become more of …

Ep. 127: YOU MATTER a poem and WISDOM! from Darryl Dzapasi

Today I’m sharing with you what might be one of my favorite episodes ever! My new friend and phenomenal poet Darryl Dzpasi is here to share his poem called YOU MATTER. Darryl wrote this poem after learning about the tragic death of George Floyd— he wrote it as a message for himself and the world …

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