Awesome With Alison EP: 99
Ok, today I’m sharing every little tool, trick, and thought I use to help me feel confident like the complete and total boss that I am! It’s a check-list of 10 things I say to myself, or say out loud, or think through when I need to STAND IN MY POWER! I get a little fiery in this one! Come back to it when you need to DOMINATE!
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Confidence Check-in Checklist!

Before you do what you freaking feel called to do, check in with yourself and say these out loud!

  1. Everyone is so excited to see me and excited for what I have to offer!
  2. Who I am is enough. I am inherently whole. I am already as awesome as I need to be!
  3. Doing more does not make me more.
  4. Everything that needs to get done can get done with ease!
  5. I am an expert at being myself!
  6. I am uniquely equipped to do the exact work I want to do on this earth!
  7. When I remember who I want to be, I’m excited to show up!
  8. When I remember who I want to serve, I’m ready to give!
  9. Everyone is entitled to their own experience of me.
  10. It’s all an experiment, that means nothing about me, and it can be fun!

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