Awesome With Alison EP: 98

If there was going to be a master’s course, in GOING FOR IT, Ellen Marie Bennett, founder of the super successful culinary brand Hedley and Bennett, would be the professor! In this episode you’ll be wildly inspired by how Ellen got her dream business (and life) off the ground, with no savings, little experience and a lot of enthusiasm! And we’ll dive into how YOU can do the same, by showing up for yourself and what you want! All that plus Ellen will give you solid tips on how to get your butt in the kitchen! Eric and I have seriously increased our joy making meals exponentially after listening to Ellen’s tips!

Tips and takeaways on GOING FOR IT!

  • You have to TRY a lot of things before you really figure anything out! Take your ego out of it and TRY ANYTHING!
  • Be willing to feel what it feels like to fall on your face. A LOT!
  • Start with a decision, follow it with action, and then execution. Every day—every minute—is a chance to make a new decision!
  • Stop thinking and take the initiative!
  • Don’t just dabble—DIVE IN!
  • Give yourself the space to change. Recognize you will have to let things go—and that’s a process!
  • Ask yourself what YOU are going to do to change your circumstances—it’s up to you!

How to build your Bennett Station and make your kitchen a happy place to be!

  • Get a LARGE cutting board
  • Put the cutting board on top of a towel
  • Get a tray with real butter, real salt, grape seed oil, olive oil, and your favorite vinegar. Leave it all out so it’s easy to access!
  • Have a bowl out with lemons, limes, garlic, onions, and ginger out on the counter.
  • Keep a chef’s knife, bread knife, and parring knife along with some scissors in a cup on the tray.
  • Keep some towels and paper towels near by!

Eric takes us out with “Flan” from the new Hazy Dreams Vol. 1 Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club!

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