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Hold onto your notepads! You are about to have your hearts opened, minds bent and awesomeness expanded with my girl Ashmae Hoiland @birdsofashmae! Ashmae is an author, artist, storyteller and writing instructor–as well as a beautiful human with deep wisdom! I wanted her to come and share all the tips, tricks, and magic that she has discovered from writing and sharing her own life and stories, as well as teaching and guiding others how to do it too! You’ll walk away from this episode with 3 tangible ideas for how to use writing to benefit your life, and I’m so excited for all of us! If you don’t consider yourself a writer or even if you do, listen up! We cover it all!

Maybe you’ve thought of writing as a tool for communication, documentation, expression, even art- but have you considered it as a tool to help heal from something or learn about yourself? Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, and even if you don’t particularity enjoy writing- it can actually be a powerful form of self-care and really help you in so many ways! You don’t have to be “good” at it because there’s no good or bad here! And you might be surprised how much you enjoy it when you lean in and take the pressure off!

We are sharing 3 ways to help writing be a positive, helpful experience and tool!

1.You don’t have to write for an audience- just write for yourself!

Wanting your writing to be read is NOT a bad thing, but if you only ever write with a certain audience in mind  you might be putting what you write through so many potential feedback filters you aren’t able to let go and write freely. Take the pressure off and write to YOU and YOU only! You might be surprised by what you learn!

2. Write “in this very moment” at the top of your paper and then just write about something, physical or just feelings of this current moment.

This will alleviate the fear of not having anything to write and the anxiety of putting so much pressure on it. Right now isn’t forever, so indulge in JUST this moment!

3. Write from a single point in the day rather than trying to chronicle everything.

Recapping the play by play of the day can get REAL taxing real quick- no wonder writing feels like a chore! Instead try just picking one thing- an experience, comment, sight, feeling etc- and write about just that. Remembering how once specific thing looked and felt is far more productive than a brief recap of everything that happened.

We get deeper into why all of this is so powerful and how it can help you heal and reveal in the whole episode so I hope you will go check it out!



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Awesome things we referenced in this episode:

Gettin’ booky with it!

One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly: The Art of Seeking God by Ashley Mae Hoiland 

A New Constellation: A Memoir by Ashley Mae Hoiland 

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