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Do you want more money, love, connection, time, space, peace, ideas? What?! What is it?! What if you already have it, or it’s already in your life in some way, but you’ve been blocking yourself off from it? Today we are diving into how to open yourself up to receive more of what you want! We’ve got actionable ideas and you will feel ready to accept all the help, guidance, and goodness that’s coming your way after you listen!

There’s always something (or all the things) we want MORE of- but getting more and more and more won’t even matter if we aren’t able to RECEIVE any of it! And why does it even matter? Queen Brene said it best:

“Until we can receive with an open heart, we’re never really giving with an open heart. When we attach judgment to receiving help, we knowingly or unknowingly attach judgment to giving help.”

When you realize your ability to receive is impacting your ability to GIVE, and how judgmental you are in your heart- it gets real!

Why is it so hard to receive? IT REQUIRES VULNERABILITY!

Often when someone gives us something we think it implies we are lacking in something. And it order to receive something we have to be open. And that’s scary and not easy! So- how can we work on improving our capacity to receive? Here are some things to try!

1.Check yourself! Are you truly feeling and experiencing gratitude or are you performing gratitude? If you go into a panic about how you will show your gratitude to the giver, or stress over ensuring they are perceiving you as grateful enough, you might be putting on a show of gratitude rather than actually feeling it and sharing it.

2. The gift has nothing to do with you! People process things according to their own experience so we tend to give from a need we have experienced. So if someone offers to buy your dinner, it isn’t because they think you are worthless and poor and can’t buy your own food, they might just remember a time when someone bought theirs and it felt really good. It isn’t about you! Think of everything as an exchange of love and energy!

3. We think we are not worthy. We haven’t earned it. STOP IT! You are always always always worthy.

4. Listen with more intent. Someone recently advised me to listen to everyone like what they were saying would change my life. I love the connection this practice has brought into my life! When we listen to receive rather than to plan what WE want to say next we are able to level up our love and connection!

What the world really needs now is CONNECTION- and the key to connection is growing our capacity to receive.

Eric and I had such a good time digging into these ideas so I hope you will go listen to the whole episode and take this journey *ding* with us!



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