Awesome With Alison EP: 92

Clearly my life is NOT ruined-but for a long time I really did allow Instagram to really hurt me! It has been a long journey *ding* to get the place where I am now with it and so I am ready to share! Even if you have opted out of personally using social media there is no getting around the fact that it still impacts your life! There’s no denying it! So I wanted to share my story, and all I’ve learned about how to use Instagram in a way that enriches my life and business, rather than drains it.  It is possible! There is hope!

I was in a place where everything on Instagram felt verrrry personal and I used it as a barometer of my value and success- as a person. Positive feedback became just as detrimental as the negative because I began assigning SO MUCH meaning to it all that without it I questioned everything. It has been a long road to repair my relationship with Instagram but I want you to learn from my experience! Instagram can be a positive force and tool in your life- here are some tips to make it that!

How to use social media better to enrich your life!

1.Have a DTR! (determine the relationship)

You really ARE in a relationship with Instagram! When you are able to define what you expect to give and get from this relationship it sets you free! We will explore this and more in depth and specificity at the IG4U Live Event so go grab your spot! 

2.Check your attitude!

If you spend all your time complaining and being mad about Instagram you can’t expect to turn around and show up to have a positive experience! Whatever it is you are looking for- you will find it!

3.Set an intention every time you use it!

Put some purpose in your scroll! Know what you are on there for and how long you want to spend on it!

4.Create before you consume!

This is a concept Marie Forleo pointed out to me and it has been a game changer! Create doesn’t mean to post something necessarily, it can be in the form of texting a friend, a gratitude practice- anything that take your focus from consumption to creation!

5.Leave Unsolicited Validation!

This LUV idea was included in a social media training I saw recently and I loved the focus on active participation and being generous! That double tap heart you give or quick kind comment keeps you participating rather than lurking! It creates a habit of engagement and generosity and shifts your view to seeing all the good that is out there.

I share more of my story and more on each of these tips in today’s episode so I hope you will check out the whole thing and find some things to ease your suffering TODAY!


Eric takes us out with “I’m Still a Stupid Kid” by Valentine & the Regard. Find more at Pleasant Pictures Music Club!

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