Awesome With Alison EP: 91

I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO EVEN DO! How often do you find yourself not knowing what to do, from the small every day stuff all the way to the big life altering things?

That feeling of being stuck and unsure is really uncomfortable and can start to keep us locked in a stand still. So I’m sharing a few questions that help me decide what to do next when I JUST DON’T EVEN KNOW anymore! I think this exercise is a great reference to come back to anytime that uncertainty creeps in.

1. Is it that you actually don’t know what to do or that you don’t want to do whatever it is you think you should do?

Sometimes you actually DO know, but you don’t want to do what you know, so instead you start to believe you just don’t know. I know you know what I mean! If this is the case then it is time to identify the thing actually stopping you. What is holding you back? Finding that thing will allow you to get specific in your action to progress.

2. You know one next step- but not after those so then you get stuck.

We might know what to do next, but feel really uncertain beyond that. That fear keeps us in procrastination station! The thing is you just don’t need to know everything. You create your path by taking that next step!  Today’s actions create tomorrow’s opportunities!

3.Do you not know what to do because you’re caught up looking at someone else’s path?

Beyond intentional comparison is this thing where we unknowingly model the success that is shown to us so exactly that we are unable to think outside of it. But only modeling what is shown to us can actually limit our potential and keep us from the path we were meant to create!

4. Do you not know what to do because you haven’t taken any action?

Is everything living in the hypothetical? Maybe you just don’t know because you haven’t tried anything!

We all tend to either lean toward sitting still, frozen in indecision or taking frantic action to bulldoze our way through.

Whichever you do, I challenge you to do the opposite of your inclination. I mean just try it!

For a little more coaching through each question and some added tips tune into today’s full episode!

AND remember- no matter what you DO or DO NOT do doesn’t really matter because you are already inherently whole!


Eric takes us out with “Baguette and Chaps” in the new Parisian Cafe Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club

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The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection by Michael Singer

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by Brene Brown

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