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A huge focus for me this year is being intentional about my spaces and how they support my habits, and better help me be WHO I want to be!

I’ve been cleaning, organizing and most importantly, trying to make my spaces places I LOVE to be, that also enable good habits!

In fact! That’s exactly what our new podcast episode is about today!! 

We say things like “I need more discipline!” or “I need more motivation!” and then we want to sit and wait for a new set of circumstances before we make any changes. Right!? But what if instead we got intentional and even aggressive about taking action in ourselves and our SPACES to enable and support us being more of who we want to be? 

I am partnering with Amazon Home on today’s episode to bring you actionable takeaways (as always!!!) to help you make some simple environmental changes that will lead to big habit changes in your life! Here are 3 things that will help you create the change you need in the spaces you spend your time- physically AND mentally!

1.Think of habits or goals you’re having a hard time with.

What is that thing you really want but just can’t seem to do, or to stick with? Or maybe something you want more of.

2.Think of what stops you up. What small OR big annoyances are creating resistance?

What are the things getting in your way? Sometimes it’s the small stuff, like needing a pen in your nightstand that really hold up progress!

3.You need to believe there are solutions for you!

We like to think that we are special and there and no solutions for US, but it’s not true! Believe there is a solution, reach out to the resources around you to learn and research and then when you find something USE IT AND STOP LOOKING! 

I am SO freaking excited (and feeling extra special) that I get to partner with Amazon Home to bring you some BANANAS awesome Prime Day deals! 

Designing your space can be so spendy, and Amazon Home is bringing some killer deals for Prime Day (which is July 15 & 16!) But there are already some deals LIVE today! YAS!!!! 

You can shop all my top picks on the exclusive deals that are live TODAY!!! And listen, this is some of my favorite stuff so check it out:


Eric takes us out with “Ten and Two” from the Mellow Gold Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club

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