Awesome With Alison EP: 87

I am SO FREAKING excited for you to have this episode in your life! If you have been feeling lost, disconnected, or like you’re coming to a new place in your life…this will be SO HELPFUL! In this episode I talk to adult development, mindfulness and meditation expert Thomas McConkie. We’re not talking about religion, we are talking about faith, spirituality, and what happens when you’ve got tough questions!

This episode combats the pain that comes from any type of life transition with so many powerful HEALING takeaways and as always gives you actionable tools to help both yourself, or support someone you know in a potentially scary, lonely time. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And you are not wrong!

So what are some ways to navigate any type of faith, belief, or life transition either personally or as the supporter of someone else going through it? Let me tell you!

1.Understand there is a spectrum of sharing, and you don’t have to cling to an extreme!

We often fall on polarizing ends of sharing when going through something like this. Some of us don’t feel like we can share a single thing about it with anyone until we “know”, and others might share before they really feel ready because they “owe” it to the people around them. You don’t have to be either extreme and there is no universal answer! When considering when and how and who to share with, ask yourself “how you can share skillfully”, “what kind of sharing would feel healing”? Really follow your intuition here!

2.Sign new relationship contracts!

One of the scariest parts of personal change or transition is how it impacts your relationships. Some relationships will fall away, and that it the natural cycle of life. While navigating this though look for people who encourage your growth and support you in a real way, not just yes men who cheer for everything you do, even if it is harmful. Look for people who mother your growth and can reflect your change back to you in a productive and supportive way. Understand this change can be painful for others but often it is because you are no longer what THEY need you to be.

3.Remember when you feel panicky, like everything is falling apart, that is when the fire starts!!

We all have this fire within us and when we allow ourselves to grow and develop further we are able to see the light that has always been there! What a incredible idea to view people for their light rather than the performance metrics we hold them to or judge them by.

This episode really is just so packed full of power and healing you might want to listen to it on repeat and soak it in more and more each time. Approaching this topic in a light filled, healing, hopeful way is something I wish I had been able to find earlier so I am so grateful to be able to bring it to you guys here! Go! Listen! Have hope! Be healed!

You are doing a REALLY GOOD JOB!!!



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Awesome things we referenced in this episode:

Gettin’ booky with it!

Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis: A Simple Developmental Map by Thomas Wirthlin McConkie

The God Seed: Probing the Mystery of Spiritual Development by Catherine Thomas

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