Awesome With Alison EP: 86

MORE ACTION PLEASE!! But what if instead of just wanting MORE, we look at what TYPE of action we are taking? We can replace that forced, coerced, willful action with the more effortless, inspired kind.

I want you to think of one problem in your life you are trying to solve, preferably one you have been working on for a while and think you need to muscle through to make it happen.

Now take a deep breath in. And a deep breath out.

Now imagine that problem being solved without all that forced, frantic action.


Replacing force with flow has been hugely transforming for me this year, and I know it will serve you too. All of my biggest successes and toughest solved problems have come when I am able to take inspired action rather than force my way through it. So how do we learn to take more INSPIRED action in life? You know me, I’ve got tools! Here are three things that increasing my inspired action has required of me.

1.Slow down. Why is this so hard! Whether its to fill a hole of feelings you don’t want to feel or forever chasing enough by never slowing down- fast and frantic almost always leads us to force. Slowing everything down allows the flow to take the power from frantic.

2.Not letting results mean things. Rather than the outcome, or someone’s reaction, or the success of a business decision mean everything about everything including my worth and whether I should even bother anymore, I have found it helpful to let the process, and the simple fact I follow through hold the meaning. Acting on inspiration IS the result, regardless of what happens next.

3.Looking outside my usual markers of success. When we act on inspiration and then things don’t go like we expected (usually meaning they don’t go well) we start to doubt that we were inspired at all. But that’s not true! So to save myself from the doubt spiral and find a way to keep carrying on in the flow, I look to new places I didn’t used to look for markers of success. Rather than putting everything on the numbers of a business decision that went differently than anticipated, I focus on the feedback that I was able to say exactly what a friend needed to hear. Or rather than how much engagement I get on a post on Instagram, I look for ONE person saying it was something they needed to hear. Never undervalue the one.

In this episode I walk you through my half way through the year check in as I reflect on my January goals and see where I am at. Join me! Don’t be discouraged if nothing feels like it is working out…YET. You’re doing such a good job!

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