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One of the questions I get asked most often is about CHILDCARE! In this episode Eric, Nichelle and I talk about the unevenly dispersed weight of responsibility due to the risk of the perception of commitment to your/your partner’s job, how this disparity often translates into women feeling like their needs aren’t being heard or met, and some steps to find solutions for YOU as we navigate this issue by reflecting on our resources.

My journey to working full-time has unfolded over the years and meeting my childcare needs evolved to meet those changing needs as I LEARNED what my needs even are. You won’t know what you need until you try things and see what feels good, FOR YOU! It’s time to leave the guilt behind and discover what YOU need, so here is your permission to start experimenting!

It is YOUR responsibility to figure out what you need, and until you know what that is- no one can support you. As you learn what your needs are, you’ve gotta communicate them! Sharing (needs) is (self) caring! Share them with your whole team- and you do need a team! Whether you’re a full time stay at home parent or employed full time- trying to do this alone is literally like trying to run a billion dollar company ALL alone. No way! 

So what’s standing in your way? Here’s the thing- childcare is a resource. And I like to group resources into 1 of 3 categories. MONEY. TIME. PERSON. (I need more money, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the right person). So when you find something lacking ask yourself which kind of problem it is. All of the above? It’s fine! Everything is fine!

Identify which area (time, money, or person) is lacking MOST, and start working on the resources in that area with an ABUNDANCE mindset! Get resourceful about your resources! Use the areas you are high in to build the areas you find lacking. Investing in yourself always takes a leap of faith, but it’s always worth the risk.


Here is our quick list of tips!

  1. CARE DOT COM is bomb dot com baby! (I WISH that was an affiliate link but I just genuinely love them). Post exactly what you need and what you’ll pay and then set up QUICK interviews back to back until you vibe with and find your person. You will know quick!
  2. Explore the networks you’re a part of if a trade situation interests you! (Church, neighborhood etc)
  3. COMMUNICATE YOUR NEEDS AND EXPECTATIONS! Your babysitter isn’t doing you a favor- this is a job!
  4. Do not, DO NOT share your babysitter once you find the right one. NO! Never. Just don’t.

Now in NO way is this a complete and comprehensive discussion of childcare in America, or the challenges that so many face! Our goal is that our limited experience help in some way, but will also open up the conversation to others who are in a different situation! We dive deeper into all this stuff and more in the episode so I hope you’ll go listen and join in the conversation!


Eric takes us out with “Early Morning LA” from the New World Traveler collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club

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Ashmae Hoiland (@birdsofashmae) 

Florida Gators Volleyball coach Mary Wise clip with quote:

          “Until your childcare works you’re not at work, because that’s where your thoughts are.”

People by Barbara Streisand

Ashley Rose Reeves (@ashleysfreshfix)

Senator Elizabeth Warren clip with quote: 

          “I was just on a treadmill. We cycled through one childcare arrangement after another, and every transition sent me into a mere panic…”

Brene Brown on vulnerability


Jean Baker Miller with quote:

         “The question is still asked of women: ‘How do you propose to answer the need for child care?’ That is an obvious attempt to structure conflict in the old terms. The questions are rather: ‘If we as a human community want children, how does the total society propose to provide for them?

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