Awesome With Alison EP: 75

Before you snap back, “THERE’S NO WAY I’M WRONG!” Haha, this episode is intended to break your brain open a bit! We’re talking about why it feels wrong to be wrong, but how being wrong can lead to so many wonderful things that are right!

We tend to fight against anything that makes us question our identity, and being wrong can do that! I know we can list a million reason why being wrong is hard or uncomfortable but I want to share the other side of how FUN and productive it actually is!

So why is it OK to be wrong? Why is is it a good thing? And what can it do for you!?


When you are fighting to be correct all the time that takes fear, that takes anxiety, and it is exhausting. When you are so worried you’re going to be wrong- that’s just so much energy wrapped up in fear! A willingness to be wrong will immediately free up energy and resources to redirect to productive places!

2.It opens you up to new systems and new solutions!

It has to break so you can fix it! I know we would often rather stay glued together hobbling along to avoid the break, but if we don’t accept the break we will just be barely hobbling by forever! Being willing to be wrong is being willing to accept answers and solutions!

3.It gives us an opportunity for GROWTH!

There’s going to be pain either way! If we’re aren’t willing to be wrong we aren’t willing to grow!  Whatever happens in life we get to choose to learn from it vertically and grow up, or we choose to fight against it and NOT grow and be stuck in pain. 

4.It allows you to detach your actions from your value!

Your value doesn’t come from you being right, or your opinions, or your anxiety, or your job. When you can be wrong, you take the pressure off!

One huge takeaway from this episode is an exercise asking you to question if you’re wrong about yourself, what you can do and what you are capable of! And not in the, “You can’t do it…” way, but in the, “But what if you can?!” I hope you love it!!

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