Awesome With Alison EP: 71


We’ve got some really fun, really insane, totally full of Faulkner nonsense SISTER ACTION for you in this episode, with our extra special guest Andrea Faulkner Williams of Tubby Todd! I imported my one and only sister to Seattle for one glorious night, and she shares some amazing insight on how to choose better thoughts to yield better results! Andrea and I were raised similar, and outwardly seem alike, but have very different internal maps. I hope listening to this not only inspires and motivates you to choose better thoughts, BUT also helps you understand that even if you were raised by the same people, you and your loved ones can still have very different ways of approaching the world. I learned so much from Andrea in this really funny episode, and I know you will too!

Andrea’s top tips for choosing your thoughts:
1. “People love me because I’m Andrea!”
2. You have everything you need RIGHT NOW.
3. “…but your hair looks really pretty!”
To learn what she means by this, listen to the whole episode!

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Awesome things we referenced in this episode:
Tubby Todd website and on Instagram
Alaska Airlines
Snohomish Pies
Nora’s Macarons

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