Awesome With Alison EP: 56


Have you ever heard people talk about their, “story” and thought, “what’s mine?” or “I wish mine was interesting and/or important”? Jessica is one my oldest and best friends, as well as the host of the successful Extraordinary Moms podcast! After interviewing and sharing the stories of over 200 women —Jessica is a freaking EXPERT at helping other people recognize their “story”. In this episode we’ll not only explore what THAT EVEN MEANS, but Jessica will also break down step-by-step how to start understanding what you have to contribute in this world, how to value your unique voice, how to start TAKING ACTION, and I KID YOU NOT will have you believing what you have to offer is more than enough, it’s extraordinary. GAH I’M ALREADY CRYING! You’ll laugh too, and you’re going to be so inspired and love it!


Eric takes us outwith “Boogaloo Wit Me” from the brand new “Weekend Away” collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club


Gettin’ Bookie With It!

Bird by Bird with Anne Lamott


Jessica’s PUMP up song:

Play That Song by Train


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Awesome things we referenced in this episode:

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