Awesome With Alison EP: 42


It’s been 10 freaking years of marriage and boy do we think we know a thing or two!! Ha! No, we know we know nothing, BUT! We are answering your super awesome questions on how we handle keeping the fiery flame of love burning, what to do if you’re on a different growth path than your partner, and why I think we need to just all chillax. So grab your loved one and put on something unmentionable and buckle up for a wild episode!

We talk about 10 questions from YOU about our marriage!

  1. What do you do when you’re not on the same page with growth or self-development?
  2. What is your most common fight?
  3. How’d you learn each other’s love language?
  4. Has marriage changed after kids?
  5. How does Eric support you in times of meltdowns and panic attacks?
  6. How do you decide what to share and what to hold back?
  7. What about date nights? Is it ok for you to go in and out of love?
  8. How are you balancing career aspirations with family?
  9. How do you share household duties?
  10. What’s the most unexpectedly wonderful part of being married?

Listen to the whole beautiful episode to hear our answers!

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Eric takes us out with “Seabird” from the “I Dream in Acoustic” playlist from Pleasant Pictures Music Club


Gettin’ Bookie with it!

The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer “Do we assume that good things won’t happen unless we force them to?”

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield “The more good you’re trying to do the more resistance is going to come up.”


Thought Nugget

Your relationship is not going to look like other relationships.


Awesome things we referenced in this episode:

Awesome With Alison Ep. 12: 9 Things we’ve learned from being married 9 years!


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