Ep. 33: Unsung Strengths: Being a Supporter!

Awesome With Alison EP: 33
Things like hustle, achievement, and action get A LOT of praise, air time, and attention. But today we are singing praises to what we are calling an unsung strength: being a supporter! In this episode we want to hold up a mirror and help you see how AMAZING and needed your supportive qualities are, and show those of you who excel at this just how awesome you are.
And for those of you who are like me, and rely heavily on supportive people, we are giving some pointers on how to be more of a cheerleader and appreciate the supportive people in your life. I think this episode is going to make you love yourself even more, and feel really awesome after, so we hope you enjoy!
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Best or Worst Things We’ve Eaten:
Blueberry Breakfast Strata & Carlsbad Craving’s Million Dollar Baked Penne

Sharing Is Caring:
Carlsbad Cravings
One of Alison’s favorites: French Dip Sandwiches
Marie Forleo’s interview with Brené Brown about Braving the Wilderness on YouTube & iTunes

Getting Bookie With It:
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Daring Greatly by Brené Brown (a good introduction to Brené Brown)

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Closing song: “Plastic Pool” by New Shack.

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