Ep. 144: I HOPE THIS HELPS with @nakeiahomer !

Awesome With Alison EP: 144

Social worker turned award-winning songwriter turned inspirational writer, speaker, and mentor Nakeia Homer is here to blow your mind, drop wisdom and propel you into your power! And I could not be more excited! Nakeia shares how she turned a year of pain into a year of healing and her beautiful new book I Hope This Helps. I know her insight will help you feel awesome and empowered to see your own story and find your voice in a new way and own it!

One of my favorite things (it is hard to choose) Nakeia teaches about is how to re-frame struggle in our lives. She shares about the power in seeing our struggles as part of the process in becoming YOU, and how when you allow yourself true acceptance and stop fighting against your story, it allows you to see your experiences as an honor. That’s not to say there aren’t hardships and pain, but you get to take it on knowing it is allowing you to reveal the next layer of yourself. THIS EPISODE IS SO FREAKING GOOD!

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