Awesome With Alison EP: 142

The slight change in your energy when you bump from “desolate” to “sad” or “fine” to “good” MATTERS! This of course, does not mean that we should constantly try to feel AMAZING! But rather that feeling a tiny bit better is a worthwhile endeavor. That “tiny bit” can open our hearts and minds to guidance and solutions! So I am sharing three tips, all very gentle and easy, that I have that I KNOW can guide you in feeling a tiny bit better!! So much love!! 

3 Tips to Feel a Tiny Bit Better!

  1. Validate!
  2. Embrace the shadow!
  3. Trust that everything is working together for your good!

I explain each of these in depth and guide you through the application in the episode, go listen! I also shared 3 journal prompts to help you open yourself up to the possibility of that third tip, because I know it can be hard.

Journal Prompts

Can you think of a time when you did something that didn’t really make sense but you knew it was right?

Can you think of a time when a really uncomfortable situation gave you tools and experiences that you no wouldn’t give up for anything?

Can you think of a time when you quit or walked away from something and it took you closer to what you wanted?

These prompts are sampled from my new January  Awesome on Demand Audio course—How to Take Inspired Action! I have a DYNAMITE DEAL going on now in Awesome on Demand, go check it out!


Eric takes us out with music from the dopest library ever at Pleasant Pictures Music Club!

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