Awesome With Alison EP: 140

When we feel good we can start to panic thinking, “This can’t last!” When we feel like crap we think, “This will last forever!” I get it! I do it too! But that’s why learning to love the moment, even if it has pain or suffering, is such a powerful practice! It gives us freedom and confidence to know I CAN LIVE MY LIFE COME WHAT MAY! This episode has a powerful mediation & mindfulness practice, set to music! To help you tune in, and allow the moment to be what it is. It will connect you to your inner power and strength! Buckle up!

This practice walks you through tuning in to how you are feeling, accepting whatever it is that comes up ( or doesn’t come up), and then choosing where our focus will be going forward. We are going to fuel ourselves with gratitude and I promise you will feel a little more awesome than you did before by the end of this!

You are doing a really good job. You are love and light and magic. Let’s feel it!


Eric takes us out with music from the dopest library ever at Pleasant Pictures Music Club!

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