Awesome With Alison EP: 137

Have you heard I’m writing a book?!! Well I am! And it has been…let’s just say challenging?! Ha! But this quote from Virginia Woolf has been guiding me, “Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” In this episode I’m sharing how to do that, what it feels like and how it’s going to help you be the person you’ve only ever dreamed of being! Let’s do this!

The closer you get to the thing you really want or really have been working for the more terrifying it gets, and the more you might start to feel like an impostor who can’t actually do any of this. LIES! But it feels all too true when you are in the thick of it. Here are 5 things that have helped me when I am in a spot of doubt and panic trying to accomplish something.

  1. Be quiet enough to see the pieces. Be aware to what you do have!
  2. Practice letting go of what you don’t have. You have what you need! When you need more you will have more. The process is the purpose!
  3. Let pieces die. This sounds a little emo but this process will cause you to evolve and grow, and you can’t take everything with you.
  4. Enough is a decision not an amount. Let what you have be enough!

I hope you will go listen to the whole episode so you can put these to work in your own life! You are doing a really good job!


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