Awesome With Alison EP: 133

Get ready for the exact ideas you need to set yourself FREE!!! YES! Who doesn’t want more clarity and peace right now? I know I need it! And that’s why my friend and the brilliant coach and speaker Dariana Moreina @dariluna_ is here to blow our minds! Dari and I talk about intuition, what it is and why following it is a good thing! And most importantly Dari shares awesome, concrete practices for HOW to freaking do it, even when we feel like we’re living in utter chaos! I love this conversation so much. I’m honored to get to share it! Share it with your soul, your loved ones, and surrender to your glorious flow!

One of my favorite takeaways from our conversation was her biggest tip on HOW to tap into your intuition. GET QUIET AND INVITE SPACE! That is something I have really been working on and Dari gives such great insight on how to make it happen! She teaches us about the stress/rest cycle and how allowing for rest gives us what we need the connect with ourselves and create a foundation to grow from in a sustainable way.

Dari also shares about the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energy, and what that even means! It’s different than you think! This whole episode is such a beautiful combination of inspiration, wisdom, and application. You really can’t miss this one!

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