Awesome With Alison EP: 128

Stacey Harkey is an actor, comedian and all-around GENIUS! And he is showing up BIG to share his light, love and wisdom today! IT IS SO GOOD! Stacey shares his experiences coming to truly love himself, and how he has cultivated a sense of belonging as a proud black and gay man. Stacey is a gifted teacher, speaker and storyteller, and after listening to his life lessons mixed with some bomb.com plant analogies, you will feel empowered, awesome, and ready to be YOU in this crazy world! And possibly get a new house plant!

Here are some of the awesome things Stacey taught us!

How to get to a deeper place of self acceptance

1.Examine how much of feeling ok is dependent on outside validation. What things outside of your control do you depend on to accept yourself?

2.Take concrete actions to dissolve the dependent validations. When you find those things you are leaning on—take action to get rid of them!

3.You will never get different results doing the same thing. Try something new baby!

4.Lean into the discomfort! It isn’t going to feel comfy cozy all the time! That’s ok! Growth!

Stacey also had some genius insight into how we can support others in their journey *ding* to belonging and self-acceptance!

How to help and support others! 

1.Gain a different perspective

2.Have patient conversations

3.Start where you are and do what you can

This whole episode is packed with Stacey’s genius and wisdom that he so openly and generously poured out for us. I hope you will go listen! And then go tell him thank you for showing up so hard for us!

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