Ep. 127: YOU MATTER a poem and WISDOM! from Darryl Dzapasi

Awesome With Alison EP: 127

Today I’m sharing with you what might be one of my favorite episodes ever! My new friend and phenomenal poet Darryl Dzpasi is here to share his poem called YOU MATTER. Darryl wrote this poem after learning about the tragic death of George Floyd— he wrote it as a message for himself and the world around him. Darryl beautifully reads his poem (grab your tissues), and then generously talks to me about the experiences of his life that contributed to writing it. I also have Darryl tell me how he got to be so WISE and DEEP! You’ll get actionable takeaways for self-love, compassion, and navigating difficult emotions, as well as deep insight and perspective from Darryl’s unique experiences, which I know is so needed right now. I’m so excited to share this with you!

Darryl shared his 3 tips to keep your life full of love and compassion!


We talk about this one a lot but I loved how he put it—”If I’m going to be listening to everyone else all day I need to make sure I’m listening to myself too!”

2.Love yourself!

He put this into context by saying that imagine the things you would do for someone you love and do some of those for yourself. SO GOOD! Loving yourself can be an abstract concept that is hard to act on, but by thinking of it as literally doing acts of love for yourself it’s easy to put it into action!

3.Honor and feel your feelings!

Give yourself the grace you need. Have compassion for yourself when you need a little extra care or to break your routine. Get curious about your feelings and FEEL them!

This episode is so packed full of amazing insight. I am so grateful to Darryl for sharing his magic with us. I hope you will listen to the whole episode, share it with people you love, and go support Darryl!!!

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Find the words of Darryl’s YOU MATTER poem here!


The meditation practice Darryl references here!

Eric takes us out with “How Does It Feel” from the Dopest Music Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club!

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