Awesome With Alison EP: 125

This is THE EPISODE for those of you who have a hard time getting out of bed, or for those of you who want to understand a loved one in your life who has a hard time getting out of bed! Whether it’s stemming from a circumstance or from depression, sometimes starting the day can be the biggest battle. I’ve talked to lots of people, as well as gotten EXCELLENT feedback from the Awesome Empire community, to fill this episode with 4 easy steps for when you just can’t seem to get going—as well as dozens of ideas for how to get a little spark! I hope this serves you, helps you understand someone you love, and gives you ideas of how to take action with love and acceptance!

Here are 4 steps for when you can’t get out of bed!

1.Assess the situation.

Is this a habit, is this a cycle, is this circumstantial? Is it getting to a point where I am enduring unnecessary suffering by not getting help? Understanding where you are at can empower you to know what you need.

2.Take action from love rather than shame.

We can take action from a frantic, negative, hurtful place or a place of love, empathy, and acceptance. Observe your feelings, observe your experience and don’t judge it. When you can lovingly accept yourself you can take action from a positively rooted place.

3.Conduct some experiments.

Try taking different actions and just see how it goes. What happens when I let myself stay in bed? What happens when I force myself out of bed? Give yourself the space to try different things and learn what you need.

4.Put some protocols in place.

Once you learn some things that work, use them to put some protocols in place to help you whenever this situation arises. This not only helps in the moment, it alleviates the burden of having to make decisions when you are in a low place.

I share personal examples as well as the tips and ideas YOU GUYS shared with me on this episode! I loved hearing and learning from you! I hope you’ll go listen!

Oh! And here are a few other things we shared about!

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