Awesome With Alison EP: 111

So many of us are chasing goals—achieving them and STILL never feeling satisfied! I started noticing that the need for MORE MORE MORE was masquerading as wanting “growth” in my life—and it was leaving me feeling drained and crappy! So we’re diving into how to root out whether your goals and dreams are rooted in the healthy, empowering place of GROWTH vs the draining need for MORE! It has helped me be braver to try new ideas and helped me be bolder in making decisions! And I know it can do the same for you!

Markers that your goal is rooted in MORE:

  • Is it only attached to things you can measure? If your goal is too tied to numbers it COULD be a sign it’s coming from a place of MORE!
  • Are you more concerned with how people are perceiving you regardless of the actual reality?
  • No matter what the results are, you are disappointed and feel like it isn’t enough.
  • You can never relax or be present.

How to create or recognize a focus on GROWTH:

  • You can feel satisfied with internal validation!
  • You’re able to recognize the process has made you stronger regardless of the results. You can enjoy the journey! *ding
  • You’re not getting triggered into a spiral as often! You are more relaxed and flexible because you aren’t in it for the results!
  • You’re not concerned with how people see you—you’re concerned with SEEING others!

Eric takes us out with “Low Tide” from Pleasant Pictures Music Club!

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