Awesome With Alison EP: 109

Ok! If you’re going through tough stuff, have ever been through tough stuff, OR know someone going through tough stuff (so if you’re a human) this episode IS FOR YOU! And I hope it will be a valuable resource for you! We’re doing a bit of Trauma 101, and sharing what it really is, how to help yourself and others in the middle of it or after it, and giving SO MANY ideas for reaching out to those around you! We are sharing the DO’s and the DO NOT’s and I’ve gathered ideas from lots of people and resources that I know will help us all serve with more confidence and love!

You don’t have to EARN being able to consider something a trauma. It comes in all different forms, and regardless of how the severity compares to what someone else has experienced, all trauma is worth healing. In fact, more people die from the effects of untreated trauma than breast cancer. Also—no one should have to suffer so much.

We dive into many healing methods and their results in the episode so check that out, but the main takeaway is that SELF-COMPASSION is the most helpful method in healing from trauma. Being hard on yourself is the least. Above all else, that’s it!

When hard stuff happens we all want to help but sometimes it can be hard to know how. We compiled this list of universal things you can do to help! Come back and reference it anytime you need it!

  • Instead of asking what you can do to help, tell them what you are doing to do. For example, instead of “Can I bring you dinner?” try “What time is good to drop off dinner?” This limits the amount of decisions they have to make and makes it easy for them to respond without feeling burdened.
  • Show up to do the baseline tasks that keep their life moving. Dishes, laundry, and childcare are always needed!
  • Go back 6 weeks later and do it all again. Lots of help rushes to the scene immediately but people move on and help is still needed!
  • Send food gift cards or drop off paper products. Again, try to make baseline life tasks keep going with as little effort as possible. I love sending THIS snack box from Amazon!
  • Don’t ignore what happened. They are for sure thinking about it, so bringing it up won’t remind them, it will give them the opportunity to share if they want.
  • Don’t make it about you. Are you asking questions from a place of concern or curiosity?
  • Ask, how are you TODAY? Right in this minute.
  • Remember anniversaries
  • Don’t judge how they respond to trauma. It’s easy to say “If it were me…” but we don’t really know unless it’s us. Share love and support rather than judgement.
  • Simply say “I am so sorry” rather than trying to relate or find a bright side.
  • Treat them like a normal human!

Now go and spread some LOVE!

Here’s one way to do that!

We are trying to raise money for 50 kids to get access to necessary trauma therapy through the Utah County Children’s Justice Center!

WILL YOU HELP?! Even a $1 Would be SO GOOD!



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