Awesome With Alison EP: 108

FRIENDS! I am feeling GOOD! Like awesome! And it’s not because outside circumstances have been booming, breezy or easy! But because of a few simple thought shifts that I’ve really been able to implement! I want you to be able to pick up these good vibes I’m putting down–right now–right this MINUTE! So I’ve got 4 easy tips for how you can love your life more RIGHT NOW–without changing a thing!

  1. “Live in the now dude!” Focus on the present moment! Paying attention the our body sensations and especially our breathing allows us to get more present! And that reduces anxiety and increases our potential for joy and fulfillment!
  2. “Is there more to life than chasing the yankee dollar?” YES! Instead of chasing success, chase being in the flow! It is easy to be chasing success dressed up as something else that makes us think our intentions are right, but dig deep and look again!
  3. “Don’t fight the feeling, invite the feeling!”Instead of trying to control our feelings and resist the problematic or negative ones, just let them come and go! Conflicting feelings can coexist! We only create more panic and struggle by trying to block things out.
  4. “Into the unknown!” Get more excited to journey into the unknown! It is truly limitless! THIS IN FUN AND EXCITING!

We give more context and dive a little deeper on each tip in the episode so I hope you will go listen! You really are already as awesome as you need to be!

Eric takes us out with “Deathbeat” from the BRAND NEW EP FROM HIS NEW BAND NEW SHACK!

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