Awesome With Alison EP: 106

We are coming at you REMOTE AND LIVE from a fun family-filled holiday week (I’m at my parent’s in Southern California), and I am sharing my TOP TIPS for having LOOOOTS of together time! So whether you’re prepping for the holidays, a Sunday dinner, or honestly just a night out with people you love, I know these 5 quick tips will help you in any social setting you encounter! They’ll help you feel more love, find more understanding and also have more fun!

  1. What is your goal outcome? In any situation it can be really helpful to know what you want from it! And swapping things like “I want everyone to like me and to get along!” with “I want to strengthen relationships and bring peace to the situation!” sets you up for success by not requiring things that are outside of your control. Try it!
  2. Lower your expectations! I’m not saying to expect the worst—that just fuels negative energy. But high expectations often create frantic energy! Letting yourself off the hook for needing to make sure everything goes the way you want allows you to relax and take things as they come!
  3. It’s not all about you! We are all functioning from our own set of circumstances! Love equals understanding, and we will be happier and more connected with others when we are able to see things outside of how it relates to US.
  4. What’s a gift you can give? How can you show up? We all have certain gifts we can bring to any situation! Whether it is something big and deep or something as simple as giving the gift of doing all the dishes—focusing on something you can offer, and not attaching expectations or parameters to how it is received—is a quick way to pump positivity into the gathering!
  5. You don’t have to like these people! I’ve realized that needing to like everyone is really just making things about me! Forcing people to fit into the boundaries and parameters of what I like, and being disappointed when they don’t, is a personal problem! I’ve found when I am able to just not like someone it allows me to actually love and appreciate them more. The pressure is off and it isn’t about me anymore!

We kept this episode short so you can use it any time you’re headed into a social situation you need a little support to thrive in! Thank you so much for being here!

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