Awesome With Alison EP: 104

We just have a real lighthearted episode for you today casually examining the meaning of life. NO BIG DEAL! Haha, and even if you’re not in an existential type of mood–but want some ideas on how to find more joy and peace regardless of your circumstances right now–WE GOT YOU! We’re sharing the difference of what it means to be a critic or a creator in your life, and some easy, applicable ideas of how to create more of the life you want TODAY!

I like to use the “what is the meaning of life” question as sort of perspective bomb when I’m getting really caught up in the details of trying to solve a problem. It helps me realize what really matters! Lately my answer to that question has been—TO CREATE! It’s an answer that is bringing me a lot of peace and joy right now. Because creation is all about the process not the product. It is not a goal with a destination—and I like that!

We can’t have this conversation without bringing up privilege and the role it plays. It is also important to note that sometimes you ARE creating by dismantling or working to change problematic systemic issues. We go deeper on this in the episode!

So if we are trying to be more of a creator, how do we work on that? Here are 3 ways you can trend toward creation rather than criticism in your life, and good news! They are all possible regardless of your circumstances or situation!

1.What experiences are you creating? I don’t mean what trips are you taking, or what parties are you planning…I mean what reality are you shaping for yourself? We are all responsible for the experience we create around our experience. Take ownership and set your intention for what you want it to be!

2.Are you creating or criticizing in your relationships? Are you focusing on the negative and constantly complaining about a friend, a partner, or your boss? Or is you intention in sharing to create more within that relationship?  Check your intention and get curious about ways you can build things up in your relationships!

3.What is your focus? Where are you putting your time and energy? What stories are you telling yourself or magnifying by repeating to others? Simply shifting our focus to creation rather than criticism can change everything.

We go deeper on all of this on today’s episode and share helpful applications and tips to apply all of this stuff so go listen!


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