Awesome With Alison EP: 102

This episode IS A PARTY!!! Are you ready to have some extra pep in your step? Vroom in your zoom? Zing in your swing? Pump in your hump?!! You’re gonna get all that and more because we’re getting back to the basics on having more fun in your life! I’m selling you on why fun needs to be a priority, and setting you up to be able to remember what’s fun for you! You learn how to create it in your life with more ease! And yes, it will be fun in the process too. HIGH KICK!

Are you making it too hard to have fun!? Let’s do a little awareness exercise—to uncover some of the parameters we might be putting around having fun!

Fill in this blank—

I have to have _____ to have fun.

Money? A clean house? Certain company? Happy children? To have worked hard enough you’ve earned it?

WOW right!? Are any of those things really required!? With all these roadblocks no wonder we have a hard time fitting fun in!

Let’s rediscover what fun IS for us! And then loosen up on those parameters!

One more little exercise, because as adults the line between fun and numbing can start to feel a little blurry.

After you do something notice how you feel. Are you recharged? Or are the negative feelings you had before even more intensified now?

And hey! All of this comes with no judgment attached! We are just getting curious! We are learning!

Let go of the shoulds and jump on the no shame train!

We share more exercises to dive in deeper on this on today’s full episode!

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Eric takes us out with “All I See” from the Funky Fresh Collection at Pleasant Pictures Music Club!

Gettin’ booky with it!

Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams

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