Ep. 63: How to Make Hard Changes in your Life and Find Success with Amy Porterfield

Awesome With Alison EP: 63

Life is all about change. Sometimes life forces that change on you, and other times you realize that if you want things to be different YOU have to change…but that can be HARD!!! How do you do it? Amy Porterfield, host of the wildly popular Online Marketing Made Easy podcast and author of many super successful online courses, is a master at not only helping others to change to build a life and business that they want, but at creating impactful change in her own life as well! Amy opens up about what “leveling up” in her life has looked like, what her catalyst for change was and how it can be yours too! We also talk about commonalities of success, and how to determine what success is FOR YOU rather than trying to fit some mold. You’re going to freaking love this interview and Amy’s beautiful, honest and even jaw-dropping stories!

Amy’s tips on living a life of success:

  • Put value and time into building a positive mindset!
  • OWN your time and don’t be controlled by other’s priorities (if you find yourself saying, “I have to…”, that’s a warning sign)!
  • Don’t let insecurities hold you back! Get help and take positive action towards combating those insecurities!
  • Identify what you believe you’re called to do (and freaking do it) but realize you’re enough just because you’re ALIVE!!!
  • Define how you measure success (hint. how you give love to those who are most important to you should be one of your measures)!


Eric takes us out with “I Dreamt Three Ships” from The Holiday Collection from Pleasant Pictures Music Club.


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Awesome things we referenced in this episode:

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Rachel Hollis of the RISE Podcast! Check her out on Instagram and her book Girl, Wash Your Face!

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