Awesome With Alison EP: 51

Ok, ok, ok, you can’t really “hack” mindfulness, HA! BUT it IS incredibly important and that’s not just according to the Buddhist monks.

In this episode we share the definition of “mindfulness,” why EVERYBODY seems to be talking about it, and we also go into the scientifically proven benefits of “MBSR” or Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Then we’ve got 7 easy ways to incorporate mindfulness into your day!

So listen up, and maybe listen and re-listen again, because different tools will help you on different days, but being freaking present is always freaking important.

In this episode we talk about the these mindfulness HACKS that have helped us!

  1. Appreciating scents
  2. Mindful and intuitive eating
  3. Grounding exercises (Think of everything that is physically SUPPORTING you!)
  4. Scan your body for tension
  5. Mantras
  6. Gratitude
  7. Nature tactics

Listen to the whole episode for more mindfulness goodies!





Eric takes us ouwith Achilles by New Shack


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Pump UP! Songs that flip my mood!

Eric’s pump up song is Lonely Mountain by Sun Kil Moon


Delicious things we ate:

Bajio Grill

Pina Colada Fruit Salad by Carlsbad Cravings


Awesome things we referenced in this episode:

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Smashing Pumpkins

Perfectly Posh

Alison’s Gratitude Practices and Year of Awesome (Half off sale going on NOW!)

Wasatch Forest Therapy on Instagram


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