Build an Awesome Brand Workshop!

Hi! I’m Alison. Over the past 10 years building my business I’ve put my name in lights, danced with thousands of hot babes who believe in their own awesomeness, spoken at huge events, worked with fortune 500 companies, created six-digit yielding courses, hosted nationally recognized online dance contests, started the podcast of my dreams, and basically made my life exactly what I want it to be all because I did one really vital thing:


But you know what’s just as much fun (if not more) as building your own empire?! Helping other people build theirs!

Why? Because I know what it’s like to have the ideas, to have the product, to have the messages you know with your whole heart can benefit this world, but to also to feel like you’re not sure how to share them.


For the past two and a half years I’ve been taking note of what it takes to create an awesome brand, what I did right, what other people have done right, what I wish I would have done, but most importantly, I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to teach others how to do it–effectively and universally. And it has all resulted in this:

What is the Build an Awesome Brand Workshop?

Build an Awesome Brand is my full-day, full-on fun workshop to help intentional business owners find or reclaim their unique message so they can build an engaging and authentic brand! And have fun while doing it!

I’m coming at you with a radically different, but effective, psychological and philosophical approach to branding, because I believe that in order to build something REAL you need to start with something REAL. FOR REAL!

This course is the result of my 10 years of experience building a successful personal brand, my background in traditional advertising, as well as working one-on-one with dozen of students and working with CEO’s of large companies doing corporate brand consulting.

First and foremost I believe this:

You might have attended other workshops, read branding books, but here’s what I focus on: ACTION.

So my workshop isn’t just about sitting around, absorbing information, it’s about real, actionable tools you can use to assess, define, and implement your brand and brand strategies.

Absolutely no one can do it for you. ONLY YOU can do it, and you can’t do it unless you get started.

So if you’re ready to stop questioning every strategic business decision you make, every picture you post, and why you’re doing what you’re doing, you’re ready to build an awesome brand!


You’ll leave this workshop with:

  • A roadmap that contains each and every essential part of a well-rounded and clearly defined brand
  • The tools to clearly define your brand, brand promises and mission statement, and the knowledge of how to use them to make better brand decisions
  • Ideas for how to clearly communicate what  your brand believes and who your brand is–through social media, through events, through ANY brand touch point unique to you
  • A 60+ page Work It! workbook filled with all ideas covered in class and even more branding exercises to help you continue on your branding journey for years to come
  • A four-phase implementation plan so you can apply the new concepts we cover in class
  • The outline for a brand deck, as well as the tools to complete it so that you can continue to use the knowledge from the workshop to scale your business, train employees, and keep your brand consistent

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Why I want to help you build an awesome brand!

My authentic and unique brand that I have spent the last 10 years building has enabled me to provide for my family, do the work I want to do, and has also afforded me the freedom to change my mind, try things that fail, and then get right back up and try something else.

After finding so much fulfillment and joy from building such a strong brand (with no business plan or paid marketing) I want others to find it too! And just imagine how amazing you’ll be if you already have the other pieces of the puzzle! HA!

I’m not interested in helping you build a brand or a business that looks like mine. Heaven’s no! But I am interested in helping you ensure your brand is as effective, fun, and liberating as mine. And MOST importantly, I want to help you use your brand to build the business and life you want. Because if not that, then why are we even bothering with all this?!

So if you want to build an awesome, authentic and even more engaging brand, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

You might have an awesome product, you might have a profitable business, but what I’m offering are the tools for taking your brand to the next level, and making it even more authentic and FREAKING ENGAGING!

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  • Online businesses, brick and mortar businesses, soloprenuers, entrepreneurs, influencers or any human who is serious about creating raving fans and defining what it is they want to contribute. Whether you’re a dentist or a photographer, content creation is content creation. And I’m freaking fantastic at helping brands assess, define and implement a unique brand that is completely authentic to YOU.
  • Any person or company who has an existing brand that they want to clarify, solidify and create more engagement with.
  • Any human who is working for someone else but realizes that a consistent, meaningful online presence creates further opportunity and growth.
  • There is no magic number in terms of revenue, social media followers, or years in business that you need to have reached for this information to be applicable and impactful. Both large corporations and personal blogs have taken the course and benefited!
  • People who are sick of feeling confused and frustrated about what to post on social media, have lost their enthusiasm for their business, or simply want to be more impactful with their message!


  • You are only interested in increasing numbers! This workshop is about building a brand that is ENGAGING and AUTHENTIC, not quick growth hacks. We do cover the anatomy of a good social media account, and examine what stalls and propels growth.
  • You don’t want to WORK for your answers. I can’t TELL you what your brand should be, because I’m not you! You will have to dive deep to find your unique value propositions for your brand. And I WILL give you the tools, peer mentors, trained group leaders and direction to do that! But you’ll still have to WERK! So bring your thinking pants!
  • You are expecting that I tell you some easy unheard of hack that will automate engagement and authenticity. I won’t because it doesn’t exist, and also because in order to CREATE SOMETHING REAL YOU NEED TO START WITH SOMETHING REAL. If you are unwilling, or uninterested in emotionally connecting with your business and brand, this workshop is not for you! WE GET REAL UP IN HERE.
  • I recommend that before you spend money on this (or anything like this!), that you’ve put your toe in the water and have already started the brand and business you want to create. You’ll simply find more value. If you have not yet started you will benefit WAY more if you come with a solid direction in mind.


My new Build an Awesome Brand workshops are being held at Be More Creative Studios in Provo, Utah! This workshop will be capped at 60 students that will be split into 5 groups of 12 for group discussions.

Your time will be split between learning new concepts in a lecture format, from ME! Alison, working through questions and ideas with fellow workshop attendees in your groups, and getting personal attention from my highly trained, highly knowledgeable BRAND SCHOOL AMBASSADORS and group leaders.

Your Brand School Ambassador will review your questions and brand with me, and make sure you get the personal attention you need during the workshop as well as relay any specific ideas we have for your brand and business that pertain to questions you submit prior to the workshop.

My Brand School Ambassadors all meet these 3 requirements:

  1. I personally trust and value their opinion for my own brand and business decisions, I won’t let anyone work with my students who I wouldn’t want to work with about my business myself!
  2. They have not only been trained in Alison’s Brand School method, and know the material inside and out, but have used it and applied themselves to clarify their brand and business
  3. They have real-life experience building and creating a brand and business–they’re not just teachers, they are doers with valuable insight and experience

I’m very excited about the addition of the Brand School Ambassadors and I am confident that it will improve the learning experience of each student and ensure that no question goes unanswered or concept is left unexplained.



  • A Work It! workbook that we will WERK from, discuss, and have filled with information for you to have and hold forever!
  • Loads of details, numbers and ideas from my personal experience and the experiences of brands I have consulted and worked with. I’ll speak on what makes an authentic engaging brand, why it’s SO IMPORTANT, share all I’ve done to create and evolve my brand, and give great details about the social media and live events techniques I’ve used to build engagement for my own brand, and others that I have consulted and worked with.
  • We’ll troubleshoot common branding problems and give ideas for overcoming them! We’ll also spend a good deal of time working on the mental and emotional blocks that keep us from taking our businesses to the next level.
  • Insight and tips from branding experts in lots of different fields! I’m privileged enough to know many business owners and social media influencers who are insanely talented so I will also be sharing insight from them by sharing input and advice! Their tips will be yours forever as part of your Work It! workbook!
  • Lunch, snacks, drinks, and GOOD TIMES. As well as some fun, interactive experiences designed to help you break through mental blocks, and retain the information we ingest!

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There are no refunds once you’ve paid for the course, but I am offering a money-back guarantee for attendees. If by 1pm on the day of the course you do not feel it has been worth the cost for you, you can leave and we will refund you 100%.

Freaking Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION: I don’t live in Utah, will you be offering this course online, via skype, or outside of Utah soon?

ANSWER: A TOOOOON of students fly in from out of state! AND YOU CAN TOO. Provo is awesome, and you can fly into the Salt Lake City airport, and Provo is 45 minutes from the airport.  I will not be offering the course online, and I have NO plans to take the workshop out of Utah. This doesn’t mean I NEVER WILL, or that I won’t change my mind, but I’m saying don’t bank on it. You know how in order to see Celine you had to fly to Vegas? It’s kind of like that. (Am I really comparing myself to Celine in this scenario??? YES I AM. Cha cha cha.)

QUESTION: I want an engaging authentic brand, but I don’t want to be the “FACE” of my brand, is this workshop right for me?

ANSWER: YES! Traditional businesses and online business both benefit from this workshop! If you are a business that sells a product or service this course will help you create a more engaging, authentic brand that interacts more personally with its customers–but this does NOT mean you have to be the “FACE” of your brand! I’ll teach you how to do it.

QUESTION: I’m not a “real business” I’m a blogger, or an online personality, or I want to be…will this workshop be right for me?

ANSWER: YES! OR PROBABLY. If you are a direct sales consultant, influencer or personality brand this workshop will help give you more boundaries, parameters and ways to look at your brand as more of a business and stop taking everything so personally! But be warned of this! The only way to know what you want to do in your life is to DO SOMETHING. If you are coming to this workshop to put off DOING SOMETHING (because sitting and listening can be easier than doing) and you are not looking to make your online business a BUSINESS, and just kind of want a hobby, I suggest you spend your money and time trying new ideas instead. Invest in creating new content, or trying new skills. And then when you have a clearer idea of the brand or product you want to share come hang out with me! You’ll be glad that you came with a little more clarity and experience.

So! Are you ready to build and be awesome?! If so, I can’t wait to party with you!


There are no refunds once you’ve paid for the course, but I am offering a money-back guarantee for attendees. If by 1pm on the day of the course you do not feel it has been worth the cost for you, you can leave and we will refund you 100%.







  1. Julia

    Is the workshop this Friday full? I just heard your podcast on Pursuit with Purpose (aired in July) and this is the first I’ve heard of you. But I live in SLC! Please let me know. Thanks in advance!

    1. It was full!! But subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll hear first about the next dates! THANK YOU! xo

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