DIY Wink Wink Shirt for Alison’s Birthday Get Down AND Life!





When I create things, one of my M.O.’s is the wink! When I’m planning a party, baking cookies, or even coming up with a course,  I make sure to stop and ask myself, but where’s the fun? Where’s that WINK?! The pun, the dirty dance move, the tongue-in-cheekness of it all?! And that’s why I thought this sassy little Wink Wink DIY t-shirt was the absolute perfect thing for babes to sport to my upcoming all-ladies dance party: Alison’s Birthday Get Down. Because it’s my party and I’ll wink my boobs if I want to.

Look at all these sassy winky ladies!! This right here is my planning crew, and instead of having a party planning meeting I made everyone put on (and make their own)  wink shirt and MODEL. Why? Because I throw parties, and parties are fun, SO I’M HAVING FUN DAMMIT!


I LOOOOOVED seeing so many merbabes in their Shell Boob shirts at my last all-ladies dance party Alison’s Shell Yes! So I decided to make a DIY shirt for each party part of the tradition! I also adore this for my lovers who aren’t close enough to boogie with me, because this simple shirt DIY with iron ons is a way for us to have a virtual GET DOWN! Which sounds naughty but it’s not. Well not in this case, I think in the case of N’SYNC’s song “virtual get down” it was naughty. Lance you dirty boy. MOVING ON.

If you aren’t coming to my upcoming party Alison’s Birthday Get Down, maybe you can make this shirt, wear it on my birthday Nov. 10th! And post a picture of yourself in it! Because knowing you took the time to make yourself something sassy and cute, well that’s the greatest gift a girl could receive!

And if you ARE coming to my party, here’s the dress code (which by the way is also on the invite here):

PARTY DECOR REALNESS: Balloons, streamers, confetti, sprinkles WHATEVER! Use your favorite party decor to make yourself the PARTY. OR don my favorite party neutral: BLACK AND WHITE STRIPES. Or just come in some stretchy pants! I don’t care! The most important part is that you’re there! Because when it’s time to party, we will always party hard!

Now, the dress code of “Party decor realness” can get real crafty real quick, so if you’re NOT into DIY, I’m offering this shirt, and the black and white stripes as an easy, no-fuss option. OR wear all black. LADIES it’s not about dressing up unless you want it to be. It’s about the GET DOWN. You down?

And if you do want to make the shirt! Here you go!


To use the downloads:

1. Print the winks on iron-on transfer paper, reverse the image if you can, if not, it doesn’t matter too much

2. Cut out the images along the black lines (so don’t leave any white space except for inside the eye)

3. Put your shirt on while you place the wink. It’s the most helpful if you have a friend, or partner, or person you hire and pay, to place your wink for you. Use tape to hold them where you want them. The winks, not your boobs.


Just one of the many perks of working with THE SHOW.


We used LuLaRoe Perfect T’s and Irma tunics (I’m in the Irma). And Kate is in the Perfect T.


Last time I used really cheap shirts from the craft store, and after a few washes the shirt looked SOO bad. So I can’t wear my shell boobs any more! So I loved using these LuLaRoe shirts because I know they will wash over, and over and OVER again. Plus they are so soft!

4. Carefully remove the tape and iron on your winks!

THAT’S IT!!! Grab your gals and get to being sassy!



Now if you want some bonus points, we came up with a formula of well, turning into Alison. Guys, it’s not hard, and is demonstrated here by my fabulous executive assistant Ms. Tara Brooke. She so easily mimicked my poses and faces that I WAS DYING. Apparently I’m fairly predictable.


Step 1. Get that DEEP side part.

Step 2. Red lipstick, duh.

Step 3. Faux fur.

Step 4. Add those black and white stripes! These are LuLaRoe leggings

Step 5. Large sunglasses and that obnoxious Alison smile I didn’t realize I did and that it’s so easy to mimic! HAHAHA

Step 6. Pseudo sexual dance moves.

Step 7. We forgot to hand her a Sodalicious. HAHAHAHA.


How fun is that?! You can go from looking like a cool, hip normal person to me, real quick. Or just wear it for Fall and be super cute!



Love you guys! Be sure to tag me online if you make one so I can praise you!



Photos by Melissa Leavitt Photo

Pink Shirts and stripe leggings by LuLaRoe




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  1. Annie Oliver

    Hey Alison! My friends and I are planning to make these for your party. Any advice on how to make it work on a dark tshirt? Our stretchy pants definitely need a sleek black wink wink tee to go with them. Advice is appreciated. See you in a week to party! 🙂

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