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October 2016 - The Alison Show

Month: October 2016

Alison’s Stretchy Pants Dance Off WINNERS!

I cannot thank all of you enough who entered #AlisonsStretchyPantsDanceOff sponsored by LuLaRoe!!! I’m always so worried no one will enter, then I get worried people will revolt when we choose winners! HAHA so much worry. But we had to choose just 1 out-of-towner, and 5 *cough 8 Utah entries to win tickets to Alison’s …

DIY Wink Wink Shirt for Alison’s Birthday Get Down AND Life!

  When I create things, one of my M.O.’s is the wink! When I’m planning a party, baking cookies, or even coming up with a course,  I make sure to stop and ask myself, but where’s the fun? Where’s that WINK?! The pun, the dirty dance move, the tongue-in-cheekness of it all?! And that’s why I thought …

Win tickets to Alison’s Birthday Get Down with LuLaRoe!!!

Once again I was overwhelmed with the love and enthusiasm for my upcoming dance party: Alison’s Birthday Get Down! Tickets are sold out but you can see more details here! I decided the only way to follow the epic bash we did in July: Alison’s Shell Yes! An all-ladies dance party so merbabes can dance their …