Shell Bra t-shirts for Shell Yes! and every other day you need to be a mermaid


My next all-merbabe dance party, Alison’s Shell Yes is right around the corner! Which means the world needed some SHELL BOOB SHIRTS. When you wear them any fin can happen.

But real quick, let’s get distracted by those leggings. I worked with the headline sponsor LuLaRoe, to create some custom “SHELLO” leggings, and every babe at the party is going to get a pair! Hello Tosha did the illustration, aren’t they just the best?? Claire (pictured above) and I discussed it and we feel like they are more comfortable than being naked because they are so, so soft! BUT BACK TO SHELL BOOBS.


Even though we took these pictures with my phone, and they aren’t the best, I wanted to do a quick download for anyone who needs something easy to wear to Alison’s Shell Yes, OR ANYONE who needs to feel like a merbabe for a day. I just kept chanting DONE IS FUN, so I hope you’ll catch our drift! I literally texted Tosha yesterday morning, “Send me shells for boobs!” And she knew EXACTLY what I meant, and by the afternoon we were all making a splash. (No, I refuse to quit.)

I’ve got the downloads in lots of colors as well as with and without the SHELL YES!



And read on for directions and my commentary! Riveting.


One thing I’ve mentioned before, is that I actually don’t like dressing up like for costume parties or halloween. Not all that much. That’s why I do the type of loose themes that I do for my parties. Because people who want to can GO ALL OUT, or people can keep it simple. Don’t get me wrong! I like doing a PARTY in theme, I LOVE themes, I’ve just never been to one to go all crazy for a costume.

But I’ve felt a lot of pressure to dress up for my parties as they progress and after all, I’m the hostess, and if I pretend I’m Katie Perry preparing for a concert I don’t mind so much. But STILL I’m sensitive to people who are stressed by dressing up, and never want them to not come to a party because they are worried what to wear!

So if I wasn’t throwing the whole freaking party, this is what I’d wear. Haha.

I bought these t-shirts at Michael’s and they were $3 each, and I bought the iron-on transfer paper there too. We all styled the shirts differently so you could see that you don’t even have to go to more than one store to GET THIS DONE!

Claire cut off the sleeves and then pinned the arm holes so they weren’t HUGE! And I love her cute tiny knot and her cute tiny face. Claire is my events coordinator helper, basically I don’t do the parties without her. She’s more important than me to the whole operation, she just doesn’t feel the need to put her name in lights I guess. But this is her trying to get stuff done! Haha.


Tara, little style blogger that she is did all sorts of magic.


She cut out the neck, cut off the bottom to make it more of a crop top, and then made 1.5″ slits in the sides of the shirt and the sleeves so she could tie little knots. Like how hot is Tara? She’s been volunteering at parties to set-up for forever, and recently has come on as my executive assistant and just overall lifesaver. Plus she does lots of her own awesome projects, so you should follow her. Now look at those sexy knots!


For Claire’s shirt I used a transfer paper for dark colors. You DO NOT need to mirror image words on that type of thing. But guys, just follow the directions of whatever transfers you buy. It doesn’t really matter, but I used Jolee’s Boutique iron-on transfer paper (because that’s what was there) that had glitter in it. It was cool! But made it really really hard to remove the backing after ironing on the shells. So I’m gonna give it a C+. Glitter = good, rubbing off paper = bad. This is me rubbing off the rest of the paper backing with a damp wipe. Scrub scrub scrub!



– I scaled the size of shells in my print settings to fit my chest. I have a larger chest so I did 90%. And I think for Tara and Claire I did 70% so the shells didn’t seem huge on them. I also had a larger shirt size, hence bigger shells. If I were you I would print the shells on regular paper in a black and white draft to check the size before committing, you know hold them up to your real life shells for comparison.

– If you’re using a “SHELL YES” be sure to use the mirror image so the words read correctly, or “flip image horizontally” as my printer put it, before printing on the transfer paper. If you’re just using shells, then you don’t need to flip them.



– We all put our shirts on and then just marked where the shells should go on one side, then eyeballed it to make the other shell even. But remember merbabes, no two shells are alike.


I hope you guys love this! We’ve been having so much fun! My friend Nichelle stopped by and I made her get in a shirt too! No boobs leave unshelled here at Alison’s Party Palace!






  1. Caitlin

    Love this. I love that (me) being far away (In Illinois) and unable to go to your parties can still make a rad shirt. I cannot wait to make my shirt. Also, Will the leggings be for sale anywhere? They are adorable and I would love a pair.

  2. Sora

    Super cool, looks like you ladies had a blast! Awesome sauce!!!! I love it!!!

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