How to update your patio for summer entertaining (in our new house!)

At Home with The Alison Show 34

I haven’t shared a ton of pictures of our new house! It’s not that I’m not excited about it, or that I don’t WANT to share, it’s just that there is CRAP EVERYWHERE and we are totally not moved in. Life has just been so chaotic. As it usually is I guess. We moved on a Saturday, Sunday was Mother’s Day, and then Eric and I had CRAZY work weeks. We went out of town the week after that, and now we’ve been there for several weeks and it still looks like moving day in most parts of the house.

I work really well with deadlines, ha, so I was SUPER excited when At Home wanted to support this video, and help me update our patio. I knew doing the video would motivate me to get at least one section of the house set up! It might seem silly to start on the outside first, but we have honestly enjoyed this patio setup so much. We had friends over to dinner this week, and it didn’t even matter that the whole rest of the house is still in shambles. We were able to enjoy an early summer evening, and OUR NEW HOUSE!

As you can tell, I am pleased with the results:

At Home with The Alison Show 60

Here’s the video!

And here are some before and afters, and some little details!

At Home with The Alison Show 59
At Home with The Alison Show 1
I’m not too concerned with being EXACTLY mid-century modern with every single thing I buy for our home, it was built in the early 60’s and the architecture is super mid-century mod, BUT I am making it a goal to make sure everything has a bit of a wink or a nod to the style, OR is something that just speaks to my (or Eric’s) soul. I don’t want stuff, I want pieces that make life happier and more functional. Like this Chindi rug. It’s soft to stand on, and the colors really cheer me up. Eric loves it too.

At Home with The Alison Show 25
I actually moved this rug into the kitchen after the shoot, because I didn’t have one under the sink and got sick of standing on crumbs while doing dishes, and now I love it SO MUCH in there I feel like I need to go get another one for outside because I love the color it brings!

At Home with The Alison Show 23
And I really do love this pot. It is everything I live for.

So I actually started out by buying some really fun teal metal chairs, but then I was checking At Home online for something, and saw these whicker chairs. I can’t believed I missed them at first. I loaded all 3 kids in the car, past bedtime, and went back to exchange the metal chairs for these guys. Worth it, so glad I did.

At Home with The Alison Show 16
At Home with The Alison Show 40
I can’t help but be SO predictable. Black and white and faux fur. It just feels like home.

At Home with The Alison Show 19

At Home with The Alison Show 51
Eric and I hang out in our backyard and just shake our heads in disbelief. It feels too good to be true to have such a beautiful space. Our kids love it so much, and we are spending a lot more time at home, together as a family.
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At Home with The Alison Show 47
At Home with The Alison Show 41

I really love each and every piece I chose from At Home. I’ve been living with them for the past few weeks and happily stand by them as quality choices.

At Home with The Alison Show 14
At Home with The Alison Show 13
At Home with The Alison Show 5

You or may not know I’ve talked a lot in the past about my struggle to not be super messy. I get so hyper-focused on projects for work or fun, that I let my surrounding turn to chaos. But I’m finding that when I commit to really being thoughtful about a space, that it’s easier to keep clean and put together. If there’s a way it’s SUPPOSED to look (in my mind) I work really hard to keep it that. way. For example last night I was outside putting away helmets and scooters, rearranging chairs, replacing pillows, basically getting everything back to homeostasis. This is impressive because I’m less than a week away from one of the largest parties I’ve ever planned, and I still had some mental energy and the desire to do this! And it was so so nice. I feel like a real human guys!

So that’s my goal for the whole house. I want to get everything unpacked, obviously, but then I want to move through each space of the house and make it a home.

So I hope this inspires you to pick a spot, even if everything else is chaos, that you can beautify, and enjoy, especially with the gorgeous weather that is upon us.


At Home stores are large warehouse-like stores with lots and lots of stuff. When I would ask for something specific, the employees said they don’t have inventory of exactly what they have in the store, but you can check online to see if pieces are available in the store near you. Unfortunately you can’t order them online, it’s in store only, but you can check to see if some of the pieces I got are in the store by you! I had lots of fun setting up little vignettes in the store. I mean, I don’t know if the employees LOVED that, haha but no one complained! I layered a lot of rugs before finding some pairs I liked best! Ha!

Thanks again to At Home for supporting this video. It goes without saying, or at least I hope, that I only promote products I truly love and that all opinions are 100% my own!


Jute Rug
Chindi Rug
Wicker Chairs
Ceramic Pot
Peacock Pillow

Wood table, faux fur pillows, and planter also from At Home.


  1. Tracy

    I’m not finding the video. What’s wrong with me?

    1. after i wrote that it finally popped up! i swear it wasn’t loading. : )

  2. Ellen

    Is that planter not available anymore? I LOVE it and can’t find it on their site. Great job on the patio! Looks amazing!

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