I stole a mattress: My Leesa Mattress Review

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Last November, while pregnant with my 3rd baby and dying of horrible back pain in my 3rd trimester, I did something I’ve never done before. I reached out to a company and shamelessly asked for something based on my social media numbers. HAHAHA. I felt like such a sleaze, but I really, really, wanted a new mattress, so I figured I’d ask, and if they said no I’d just buy one. My back hurt so SO BAD, I wasn’t sleeping, I was GINORMOUS, and our queen size mattress was at least 10 years old. Probably older, so gross. Once I figured out that Leesa mattresses are delivered in a box (you can see us set ours up here), and that we’d be able to get a king size bed down into our basement, where our bedroom is, I became a woman obsessed. I NEEDED THAT BED!

I reached out to Leesa, they were happy to collaborate, and I said I’d post a review after we’d had time to try it out.

Then I had a baby, then it was Christmas, then I filmed a TV episode, then I threw a dance party, then we bought a house, then we sold our house…and one day I woke up and thought:


But here’s the thing, even though I’ve been feeling guilty for months about not posting my review, all it has done is make me EVEN MORE OBSESSED WITH OUR MATTRESS. So in short this is my review:

Our Leesa mattress is one of the best things to have ever happened to our house, our marriage, and my back. No exaggeration, no lie. We are IN LOVE. We invite everyone we can to come get in our bed. It’s starting to creep people out. 

CHECK ONE OUT HERE AND SAVE $75 (it will automatically take the $75 off at checkout, no code needed).

At least once a day for the first two weeks after getting our new mattress, Eric would say to me, “I feel like we’re getting away with something!” And I would respond back, “We don’t deserve such luxury!”

It has been almost 6 months since I stole the mattress, and we still love it every night! We both periodically yell out, to this day, “I LOVE THIS MATTRESS!”

It was so fantastic when I was pregnant because the memory foam molded to by belly and gave it support. I didn’t need any sort of giant pregnancy pillow or my 4 extra pillows. I just used the usual 2. It’s fantastic for nursing because I’m so comfy in it I’m happy as a clam. And it’s great for our life because kids crawl in and out of our bed all morning while we ignore them and try to sleep in, and we CAN ignore them because it doesn’t rock the whole bed. The memory foam isolates the movement.

But I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed is how much better my back feels post-pregnancy. Obviously my back hurt when I was carrying around 40 extra pounds on the front end (yes I’m a giant whale when pregnant, but I still had fun). But now that I’m just carrying around my normal extra weight, hahaha, I don’t wake up with a sore back, or sore shoulders like I used to a lot with our old mattress.

I’d happily do an infomercial because that’s how much I love it. Plus honestly I think I was just pretty much destined to do infomercials. Think about it.

Also I’d like to point out that I didn’t agree to post a blog review. I told Leesa I’d only an Instagram review in exchange for the mattress, and I never promised it would be positive. Only that I’d post it. Leesa was so freaking chill about the whole thing, and I’m sure it was because they understand that they are dealing out such a quality product people will rave about no matter what. When I work with companies who trust me and my judgement, and know that I really do know the best way to share things with my audience, I like to go above and beyond to show how appreciative I am. Hence this post. But really, I also just love sharing things that I’ve had a positive impact on my life.

Again, you can save $75 by CLICKING HERE, it will automatically take the $$ off at checkout. All I can say is I wish I would have gotten this mattress years ago. I’ve spent that $800 or whatever dollars on so many less important things. I’m mad I waited to change something that literally affects me every single day. BUT you know what? I’m glad to have it now! You can be sure it’s the first thing we’ll be setting up at the new house!

Here are a few more shots from the family session we did with Sami Jo. I really wanted pictures of our family on our bed because with the newborn and our weird self-employed schedules, we spend a lot of our time there. I want to share the rest of the pictures from this session later and rave about how obsessed I am with Sami Jo though, because I mean, look at these. But for now, here you go!

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Here’s to hoping you get more sleep than we do, but that it’s as good as ours is when you do!





  1. Alissa

    5 months pregnant with #2 and waiting for our tax return to buy this mattress! I’m wondering what you have it setting on (box spring, slatted base, etc.) and which cover you got (classic or airlifting). I can’t wait to get this bed!

    1. hey it’s an Ikea box spring! and I think classic? because I didn’t choose!

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