TV Star Alison! Or My episode of Random Acts on BYUtv

Random Acts_0027

We created Christmas in Spring!

Random Acts_0033

For the sweetest, most deserving family.

Random Acts_0034

This is the Knighton family who we surprised.

Random Acts_0026

Random Acts_0032

And here’s the whole gang!

OF COURSE I needed to make a cookie party and hot chocolate bar too!

Random Acts_0022

Random Acts_0017

Random Acts_0016

Random Acts_0021

That kitchen aid was a gift! And I even got to pick out ALL of my favorite baking supplies for the mom, and gift her my Alison’s Cookie Party Course.

Random Acts_0020

We tried to make every nook and cranny festive.

Random Acts_0019

Random Acts_0006

Random Acts_0014

We freaked out when we found this “E” for Everleigh ornament off season in a clearance box!

Random Acts_0015

Random Acts_0025
I mean like finally, duh, someone put me on TV. HAHAHA no no. But really, I’m so excited to share this with you guys! I just finished watching an episode of a new TV show on BYUtv called Random Acts, and I got to be a part of it! It was a little nerve-wracking being in something that I didn’t have final say or final edits over…haha, think about it, everything I put out there I have say over! (Control freak much?) But I’m so glad that I was able to do this! It was such a rewarding experience.

First off, the premise for the show is fantastic. They show the different hosts doing random acts of kindness in both small and large ways all over the country. They do everything from “punking” people in a nice way by pretending to be in need, and then rewarding them when they help out, to surprising a family with a new driveway.

Our episode was called, “Missed Christmas” and we, meaning the show host Will Rubio, and two other blogger babes, Kayli Butler and Carlie Wood were able to help bring Christmas in spring to the Knighton family. Here we all are!

Random Acts_0005

You can watch the episode here! 

But here’s a little recap!

The Knightons have a little 4-year-old named Everleigh, and she was born with her umbilical cord around her neck. It caused some brain damage and Everleigh has lived her entire sweet life with many challenges and a lot of health problems. Over Christmas Everleigh was in a coma, so the family didn’t get to spend the holidays at home. Random Acts wanted to create the ULTIMATE Christmas for this family, and surprise the mom Stephanie in a big way. Can you handle how sweet Everleigh is with her red curls?

Random Acts_0028

I was in charge of DECKING the halls of their apartment, as well as putting together a cookie party, and some fun gift packages for the family! We also created a fireplace for the family to have a family picture in front of, and that’s where Kayli and Carlie came in! They gave the family a makeover for the family picture. I know it’s not about me, but I would have liked a makeover too, hahaha I found a huge rats nest in the back of my hair AFTER we had been filming all day. YUP.

But back to the show, it’s insane HOW MUCH filming goes into like 20 minutes of TV. I mean we filmed for almost 2 full days. For example we filmed at my office for at least 4 hours, for about 20-30 seconds of content.

Random Acts_0002

Random Acts_0000

Random Acts_0001

But I got really used to these guys following me around.

There’s just so so so much that gets cut. And that’s ok! Because you still get the point. And honestly, nothing I said or did was that important. But there was just one experience I always want to remember, on my end, so I wanted to share it with you guys.

The back of my janky minivan (which makes its television debut in this!) was filled with all the Christmas goodies leading up to filming. Ginger’s booster seat is in the third row, and the the other seats are folded down, so she’s always sitting right next to all my stuff that I pile in there for parties and projects like this. It can be tough for her to be sitting next to so many FUN things (bags and bags of candy, party decor, cookie decorating supplies, you name it!) that she’s not allowed to touch!

We filmed this episode in February, so she was asking why I had so much Christmas stuff in the back of the car. She had also found a bag of stocking stuffers I had bought for Everleigh, and obviously wanted to know why she couldn’t play with the treasures. I explained to her that I was helping make Christmas for a family that had missed Christmas when it happened. She asked why, and so I explained that the little girl, who was just about the same age as her, was sick and in the hospital when it was Christmas. I told her that I was going to try to make their house beautiful and they were going to get lots of presents.

I waited a minute, expecting Ginger to say that she wanted another Christmas. And rightfully so, I mean she’s only 5. But instead she thought about it, and then said, “Mom, I want to help!”

As if I wasn’t crying enough in preparation for this! I started sobbing all over again. Kids, man. Sometimes they just get it. I was so so proud of her. I told her she could help me make some decorations and she was excited.

I had a few leftover clear plastic ornaments from our own Christmas, so I told Ginger she could paint on some for Everleigh and I would use them on the tree. Ginger even carefully wrote Everleigh’s name on the ornaments. And you can bet I put them on that tree with so much freaking pride.

Random Acts_0009

I LOVE little-kid handwriting.

Random Acts_0010

This is the host, Will Rubio. Honestly I was just so blown away by how talented he is! I actually knew of him in college and he’s hysterical.

Random Acts_0029

It was so much fun choosing decor! I chose mostly party items because that’s what you can find in February, haha and also because I wanted them to be able to pack flat. But then we also got them new rugs, and throw pillows and blankets and baskets for their home. I tried to buy all things that you want, but don’t like to spend money on because they aren’t total necessities. The show was so so generous towards the family, and it made this even MORE fun knowing we were spoiling them. They get to keep every little thing.

Random Acts_0030

And here is Claire, she’s the best, and as always, such a huge help! She is an expert fan hanger and arranger! Haha.

Random Acts_0024

Random Acts_0004

And there you have it! Again:

You can watch the episode here! 

I’m so incredibly grateful for this opportunity. It was really touching and I feel so lucky to have had it! I hope you guys like the show! It really is so uplifting! So much love to you!



photos by Becky Kimball 


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  1. What an amazing program! How lovely for you to be part of creating the perfect day for this amazing family. The house looked great!!

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