Easy Honeycomb Tassels: Alison’s Leftover Party Crap

Honeycomb tassel DIY_0014

Honeycomb tassel DIY_0016

Honeycomb tassel DIY_0012


Honeycomb tassel DIY_0015
In December I had a baby, yes, but I also moved into some new office space! Haha. I’m calling it: Alison’s Party Palace! It wasn’t ideal timing, you know, with the newborn and the holidays and all, so it resulted in me moving things in little by little, piece by piece, and basically everything is still a hot mess. The whole space is full of leftover party furniture, like 8 large green Cabana Boogie chairs and skeletons of previous Thrones of Awesome.

And naturally, as one would expect, I have leftover party supplies from all of the large large parties I throw. I feel like it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth to return things, and I figure, “Oh I’ll use that for something later.” But later rarely comes.

So as I’ve finally started to organize things and categorize stuff, I’ve been laughing so hard at all the CRAP I have. I’m pretty ruthless about getting rid of stuff in every other category of life, but I have a hard time letting go of party/craft supplies, you know, because I think I’ll need them and I love to party.

But I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts using the stuff I’m hoarding (to force me to really use it) and call it: Alison’s Leftover Party Crap. Mostly I just like doing things so I can think of names for them.

In the past I’ve poo-pooed on parties for the sake of photoshoots. I mean those are fine, it’s just not the game I play. In Party With Alison I talk a lot about how one of my main objectives when throwing a party is that it’s a FUN party, not just a pretty one (though don’t get me wrong, I love pretty!) BUT I do see value in the idea of taking regular, fairly inexpensive party items, and sharing ways to transform them for event decor or even holiday or home decor. Plus you’ll get to see the way I used them originally! Fun? Maybe?

I have tons of leftover honeycomb because it’s one of the few party supplies you can use OVER AND OVER again. The purple & white honeycomb balls are from my Mom’s 60th Birthday Party, and I used the white AGAIN with the yellow honeycomb for Gigi’s Puppet Party. So that means that honeycomb is nearly 3 years old. HAHA. I posted the pictures from those below too.

The fans and tassels are from another shoot that I can’t post about YET! But I’ll share all my favorite sources below. And some of the diamond honeycomb is from Alison’s BFF Bash.

I’ve been seeing honeycomb stacked like this here and there on ye olde Internet, and I love tassels tucked in on the bottom too! So if you’ve got some older honeycomb I think this is a great way to use it and make it look entirely different. And if you’re the type of person who is like, “WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND HAS HONEYCOMB ON HAND?” This is easy enough for you to do.


Honeycomb in different shapes and sizes
For a full list of places I buy honeycomb and all the supplies used see the end of this post!
Paper tassels or mylar fringe as tassels
Or check out my tutorial for making balloon tassels from plastic tablecloths
Fishing line


You can either use a tassel that you make or one that you remove from a pre-made garland. We used pre-made ones for this, because, you guessed it, I had them!

Honeycomb tassel DIY_0014

Then we just taped the tassel in the center of the honeycomb.

Honeycomb tassel DIY_0018

And then before you close the honeycomb up you just attach the fishing line to the little loop of ribbon or string that is provided.

Honeycomb tassel DIY_0015

I use fresh double-sided mounting tape to close up my honeycombs each time I use them. You can see below where I’ve used it before.

Honeycomb tassel DIY_0019

And there you go! Stack away! You simply close your next honeycomb around the fishing line that you’ve tied to the top! It’s not showing in the picture below so just use your imagination that there’s some empty fishing line.

Honeycomb tassel DIY_0021

Honeycomb tassel DIY_0013

Don’t you love those baby guys?!

So one thing I also love about this whole look is that we built it lower to the ground. So it’s PERFECT for a kid’s party and utilizes that fun rug.

Honeycomb tassel DIY_0017

Honeycomb tassel DIY_0022

And in case you wanted to see, here’s the metamorphosis of the honeycomb! Haha! It has lived so many lives.



Honeycomb is SO easy to find now compared to 3 years ago! Here are just some of places I get it from:

Oh Happy Day Shop she organizes things by color and has lots of shapes
Devra Party has SOOO many options and is good if you are buying in bulk they also have fans
Ikea now has honeycomb in all shapes and sizes, and it’s where the tiny ones are from and the disc-shaped white one

Largest ones sourced locally/vintage
More at Oh Happy Day Shop
And always check Amazon

Pink Tissue Tassels Garland

Tassel “Streamer Garland”

Small white table is Ikea, a Lack side table

Apple crates are from JoAnne Crafts painted pink (most big box craft stores carry them)

Standard Shag Greek Flokati Rug from Rugs USA

Let me know if I missed anything!

Happy crafting! Party on!



Styling and Photography by Claire White for The Alison Show


  1. This decor is so pretty. Can I share few images with your URLs on our company blog?

    1. yes thank you!

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