The great stroller search: Buying a stroller for 3 kids with The Baby Cubby





These two photos were generously taken by Candace Stringham, who I accosted and just started posing in front of.

My entire pregnancy with Fiona I was obsessed with finding the best stroller for our family. Ask any of my close friends, I quizzed them about their strollers all the time–like an annoying little gnat!

I genuinely loved the stroller I got when I had Rad (It was a Joovy). It was fairly inexpensive and I liked all of the features. It was easy to open and close and I liked how the seats were positioned. But I’ve learned with strollers that you REALLY get what you pay for. Unfortunately it just did not hold up super well. I will 100% admit that I did not take the best care of it! We left it outside a lot as it got older. But it was ALWAYS a chore to push, the storage underneath was the worst, and I think one of the reasons I was happy with it at first was because I didn’t realize how much better a stroller could be. Perhaps ignorance was bliss. But like I said, that stroller just did not hold up so I started looking for a new one.

As you may or may not know, as a blogger and general social media whore, I get offered a good amount of free product. I want to write an entire post about the trap of “free” product and how it can ruin your business as a blogger BUT just so you know, I’m very, very, VERY selective about accepting any product whether it’s free, paid, or promotional (meaning they pay me to promote it). *Also I do appreciate it’s really awesome to get free stuff, I am super grateful! But just keep in mind about 80% of the work I do create comes without a paycheck! So it really isn’t all that “free.”

SO with that said I knew I could probably get a stroller if I asked for one in exchange for social media promotion. I knew that I could maybe even make some money promoting one (such a funny life I lead)! But I decided that regardless of whether I paid for it myself, got it for free, or got paid to promote it, I was only going to get a stroller that I was absolutely OBSESSED WITH. I vowed to make the third time a charm!

This ended up meaning that I turned down 3 different strollers that were offered to me. Not because they weren’t awesome, and not because we are rolling in dough, but because they weren’t awesome for me and my family. I’m not sharing this so you think I lead some sort of charmed life, but so you realize how sincere I am about what I share with you! And also how committed I am to only getting stuff I love.

When I finally got around to partnering with The Baby Cubby Fiona was already a month old, and I needed to commit! I told the owner, Cameron, that I wasn’t looking to get paid, but that if he’d help me find the best stroller for my family, and I found one I loved, that I’d share my experience. So The Baby Cubby did gift me this stroller, but I was planning on buying one through The Baby Cubby anyway! But I wasn’t paid additionally to write this and the review is entirely my own and has nothing to do with the stroller manufacturer!

I LOVE The Baby Cubby because it is a highly curated online (and bricks and mortar) baby shop. If you’re like me, I buy almost everything that I buy online, from Amazon. But The Baby Cubby price matches with Amazon, so you’re not losing out there, The Baby Cubby ships the same day your order (before 4pm), and unlike Amazon they spend hours and hours researching the products they carry, and then only select the best, so it narrows down your search. They have “Cubby Moms” (who take over 50 tests to make sure they know their stuff) try out all of their product, and then they share all of their top choices on their site as “Cubby Picks”.

The Baby Cubby has everything from strollers to swaddles, to high chairs to binkies! They also carry my personal favorite Tubby Todd (in the store) and lots of local clothing lines that I love and gorgeous toys.

Right now you can get 10% off your purchase with The Baby Cubby (some product limitations apply) with the code: ALISON

I had very specific needs, and had done a lot of research on what I didn’t want, so by the time I got to them I had a few strollers in mind. So I’m not going over every stroller option for 3 kids here. But if you are interested in that, or are a first-time stroller buyer, The Baby Cubby created an amazing stroller guide:

How to Choose the Best Stroller

It’s soooo good and it would have saved me time a few months ago! So I really recommend it. It will help you understand features you didn’t even know you could have.

But back to ME! After all my research and trying the different strollers out, I ended up getting The UPPAbaby Vista stroller. And it is like, the nicest stroller I’ve ever tried. It’s smooth like butter. It is NOT a cheap stroller. But if I add up all the money I’ve spent on strollers since the birth of Ginger (age 5), if I had just started with this one I would have been better off!

The perk of having three kids is that you REALLY understand what you want from a stroller after using and abusing so many, and you know what type of things will make your life easier. I never understood the fancy strollers until I tried them out!  If I hadn’t tested the UPPABaby in person, I would have never known how much better it was than all the others! Haha, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Here’s what I was looking for in a stroller:

-One that easily fit three kids

-One that was adaptable with my Chicco car seat (I LOVE this car sear–I didn’t want to have to buy another fancy carseat)

-A seat to strap down Rad (large toddler) *side note: Rad is a terrorist! He laughs at me when I shriek in terror as he runs into the street. Being able to strap him in was SUPER important, to keep him from causing harm to himself and countless store displays

-A skateboard attachment that Ginger loved

-A cupholder DUUUUH for me

– Storage underneath that is easy to use

Here’s what I DID NOT want:

-Something hard to push with cheap wheels

-Something super wide

-Something hard to fold up and unfold

-Something that didn’t allow me to confine all 3 of my insane children (remember how I have no control of Rad?)

After looking at lots, and then finding the ones that met my specifications, I narrowed it down to two strollers, The Baby Jogger City Select, and the UPPABaby Vista. I loved how the seats were configured on both, and how I could easily change out the seats for a carseat or a bassinet.

Before committing I tested both strollers on The Baby Cubby’s all-terrain track! Which is hysterical and fun. It’s a tiny little track that has a bunch of different terrains. But mostly I sauntered through the parking lot. It was too cold to subject Fiona to the test, but it was nice to try the strollers out with the weight of the big kids on there, so I could see what it was like pushing their little bodies.



That is the City Select above, and the UPPABaby Vista below.


Now, if I hadn’t TRIED the UPPABaby and pushed it in person, and practiced folding it and removing the seats, I would have probably bought the City Select and been VERY happy with it. The City Select is several hundred dollars less and is a GREAT stroller. I have 3 friends who love it. Also, like I said, I was gifted the stroller, so even though I think I would have coughed up the extra money for the UPPABaby, I might have just talked myself into the City Select. It’s hard to know. I tend to live my life with the “TREAT YO SELF” philosophy though, so there’s that. Haha. It’s 100% worth its price tag.

At the end of the day heres why we got the UPPABaby Vista:

1. Ginger liked it the best and I liked using it the most with her on it. Ginger is really tall and she LOVED how she could stand on the piggyback board and the stroller handle was behind her. This is because the handle adjusts to a nice high height, which my husband appreciates as well. She said she felt more “cozy” with the bar behind her, like she was “tucked in” –her words. The board was the easiest to move up and down (from the storage to the riding position) and there’s enough room for Rad to hop on there as well if we set him free from his seat. When I was pushing the City Select I kicked the board, and also it was kind of awkward wrapping my arms around Ginger to push the stroller (you can see it in the pictures up above). The UPPABaby was just much more comfortable by comparison.



2. Cameron’s wife Jackie (they own The Baby Cubby) is a mother of four–and she recommended the UPPABaby Vista. Cameron didn’t try to sway me, and he had no incentive for me choosing a particular stroller. But I don’t take the recommendation of a family who spends their entire life researching and selling baby gear, and can basically use ANY stroller they like, lightly. And that’s another reason I love The Baby Cubby. I like listening to people who I trust, who have thought about this stuff WAY more than I want to think about it. Plus they have been using the stroller for over a year and still love it.

3. It’s pushes like a dream and isn’t too wide. I personally don’t like doublewide strollers, so I didn’t even look at those. Also, I don’t go running with children, so I didn’t need something I could jog with (I like to leave them at home when I exercise). But I did need something that pushed well on uneven sidewalks and that I could walk briskly with. We love to walk to the Provo Bakery, HAHA, and to the park and the sidewalks are bumpy and uneven. Our stroller did really well on this family walk on the crunchy slushy snow.


4. The seats are insanely easy to move around. Pictured above, I have the upper adapters clicked in (they add about 8″ in height to the sides) with the carseat adapter so the carseat sits higher. It’s all SO easy to use. Rad’s seat can turn around if I want it too, and I love that when Fiona is ready her seat (that looks like Rad’s) is easy to click in. They also recline back, LIKE A BOSS. You can take the seats off easily when you fold up the stroller (so it’s more compact) OR you can leave them on. I like that removing them isn’t mandatory to folding up the stroller because I drive a minivan and I have the room, and I don’t want to always have to take the seats off. That’s a chore. A note about me, I get overwhelmed very easily with stuff like this, I turn my brain off and don’t want to learn how it all gets configured. But all of the features are intuitive and manageable, so I’m not left swearing.

5. I also LOOOOVE the bassinet attachment. It comes standard with the UPPABaby (and not the City Select), so to me that justified the extra cost. I used it the other week at Alt Summit (a blog conference) and it was a dream! I felt like a rich, fancy NYC mother pushing Fiona around The Grand America hotel! The sunshade is so nice and huge and I felt like I could shield Fiona from germs and people just dying to hold her. Haha, she’s still only 7 weeks old! So I need to keep her away from humans! I also like how I can also use the bassinet at work. You can buy a stand for it too.



6. Rad loves his seat! He BEGS to go for a ride in the stroller. I think he loves the little safety bar because it feels like a Disneyland ride? I’m not sure. He just really likes it. And you can easily remove that bar! Also, I’m sure I’m breaking all the mom laws in the land, but I also like that I can throw him in there without buckling him sometimes and he has that little bar there to keep him in. It was important that Rad like his seat because I didn’t want him to be sad he wasn’t riding on the piggyback with Ginger–leading to a tantrum.


Look at these happy campers!


And there you have it!

Like I said, I had specific needs so I narrowed it down to these two, but if you want to start with more options, I LOVE The Baby Cubby’s Stroller Guide!

To review, I got the UPPABaby Vista in Maya (gold), I got an additional rumble seat that can face forward or rear, the Upper and Lower adapters (so I can change the height of the seats) and the Piggyback Ride-along Board. I also got this Universal Cupholder which is AWESOME.

I’m so unbelievably grateful that this partnership with The Baby Cubby worked out. I love sharing about other entrepreneurs I think are doing a really great job, and I got the BEST STROLLER ever out of it too! I’m a very very lucky crazy lady. I highly recommend spending some time on their site, they’ve also got a great community on Facebook!

I hope you’ve found this helpful! If you have questions for me, ask them FOR SURE, but remember I’m not a stroller expert! Just an expert at finding what I NEED. Haha, but I know the staff at The Baby Cubby is always up for answering questions and they have an online support system so you can ask them easily!

Much love and happy strolling!



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  1. Alyson Vitt

    We have the uppababy Cruz and LOVE it. If we decide to start a band we might upgrade to the vista or maybe we will upgrade just for the piggy back. Non the less you are my favorite snap chat other Alison(I’m a Y). Thanks for everyday jams from your car, xo . Also you make 3 look easy. Yikes

    1. HAHAH thank you! I swear it’s NOT hahaha but I hire a lot of help, so I’m still alive. That piggyback is BOMB but I mean, I’m still not sure why I have so many kids! hahah xo

  2. This was so helpful, Alison! We just bought a Vista for a great deal, so I hope I didn’t jinx us on getting pregnant with a second baby! Hahah.

    I’m curious how you feel about Rad in the rumble seat. I found that my 18 month old (24 lbs, very average weight/height) looks sort of big in the toddler seat, and it made me a little nervous for putting her in the rumble seat later on. I know the weight limit is 50 on the toddler seat and 35 on the rumble, so she definitely *can* ride in it… but do you feel like you’re squeezing him in there or that his legs don’t have anywhere to go?

    I’m starting to second guess myself about not getting a City Select and I’m looking for some reassurance! Hah!

    Thanks for always being awesome. I don’t even know you but I feel like we’re best friends! (In a not creepy way, I swear.)

    1. haha! we are! I feel like Rad fits really well and she’s about 24 lbs too I think! And he’s got long legs! And honestly if you push the two side by side you’ll never question it again! haha find a friend who has one, but I mean it’s still a great stroller! but i really do feel like the price diff is justified! xo

  3. Natalie

    Hey! so I am pregnant with my third and am in love with this stroller! I have a chicco Keyfit30 carseat as well. Did you have to also purchase an adapter for the carseat to fit into the stroller? Thanks for such a detailed review, it really helped me convince the MR.!

    1. Yes! You do need an adapter! xox

  4. So far so good. Baby really likes it. Easy to collapse and open. Only complaint is the button on the seat belt is hard to push. But at least I know my son will never be able to I strap himself! I like the cupholder and extra storage on bottom. Durable wheels too!

  5. Sanz

    How far apart are your kids?

    1. they are all 2 years and 9 months apart! ha!

  6. Meghan

    Hi Alison,

    I have an Uppababy (2012) from when my daughter was born and love it! My question for you, can you use the piggyback board with the bassinet? I’m expecting my second baby in August and my daughter will be almost 5. I LOVED using the bassinet with my daughter and really hope to use it again this time.

    1. Hey! I’M NOT sure!! I didn’t ever try!

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