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The great stroller search: Buying a stroller for 3 kids with The Baby Cubby

  These two photos were generously taken by Candace Stringham, who I accosted and just started posing in front of. My entire pregnancy with Fiona I was obsessed with finding the best stroller for our family. Ask any of my close friends, I quizzed them about their strollers all the time–like an annoying little gnat! I genuinely loved …

Fiona Green’s Newborn Pictures and Newborn Photo Tips

I took those first two pictures with my phone using Heather’s Tips for Better Baby Pictures! And then she took the nice professional ones below! Read on for my tips for prepping and styling newborn photos! And more adorable photos of Fiona Green of course! When Ginger was born, 5 and half years ago, I …

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