Christmas Cookie PARTY!


It’s that time of the year! The time when you get super lofty goals and expectations for baked goods, spend tons of money on the ingredients so you can gift them, and then sob on the floor when nothing turns out quite how you pictured it!!!


NO! But really. Tis the season to BAKE! And I don’t want the above scenario to happen to you! I want you to find success! I want you to LOVE baking and have fun. And I know I can help. Because I’m really good at baking sugar cookies, teaching others how to make them, and having fun!

And that’s my cue to remind you about Alison’s Cookie Party, my online course for learning how to make the PERFECT, yummiest, prettiest, sugar cookie with royal icing.

It’s on sale now for 20% off with the code: LOVINFROMTHEOVEN click here

Alison’s Cookie Party has been in existence for over a year now, so this is its second Christmas! And I have been SO SO happy with how well people have done with the course. And the student’s have been super happy too! People’s cookies LOOK AMAZING! Some people have even started selling cookies and doing some side business with what they have learned from the course! How RAD is that?

These are some of the reviews people wrote about Cookie Party last year. And you can always search #alisonscookieparty and see the nice reviews people leave on Instagram as they try the course!

To inspire and delight, and get your baking wheels turning, I wanted to share some of my Christmas and Holiday cookies from last year. I made tons and shared a few on Instagram, but not really on the blog. But luckily I took lots of pictures last year, and now I can share them with the world and really look like I’m ahead of the game.

If you want to know more about my online course, all of the info and what it includes is listed here, but in short: you buy it once and then henceforth and forever get access to it. Alison’s Cookie Party includes over 60 minutes of step-by-step video tutorial, a 30-page PDF with everything in written form, a resource guide with links to ALL the supplies I use, and ways to troubleshoot common cookie and royal icing problems. You should really go read all about it here and watch my super fun promo video in which I was doing my best to not feel like I looked so fat in it, and of course I look at it now, 9 months pregnant, and think, “I will never be that small again.” HAHAHA. Perspective people. Perspective.

Anyway! Here are some fun cookies I did last year! I did post these on the blog because these cookies were made in conjunction with our Holiday Home tour. So there are some cute pictures of our family decorating these as well. Or cookies from the same batch. I obviously didn’t let the children touch THESE cookies. Oh the memories.

This was a vintage Christmas tree cutter I found at an antique store.


And I wish you could see that these are actually the faintest blush pink gingerbread men!

photos by Jessica Kettle

And then I used that same gingerbread man (and lots of other fun shapes) to make some simple, but a bit more modern friends in the traditional Christmas red, green and white.  The black outline is fun because you can do all the cookies at once with it, and then go back and fill them in with your other colors. Again, all things you learn about in Alison’s Cookie Party.



Everybody loves a Christmas donut! These are SO simple to make. Great for your first time trying out royal icing.


And I did the noses of the snowmen with edible markers, orange and black.



These cookies take more time to make than say, a chocolate chip cookie, duh, haha and I like to bring treat packages to LOTS of friends during the holidays, but making a dozen of these per family is kind of out of the question. So I usually add a few other treats to bulk up the packages, and bulk up how much people love and praise me. I include a few “WOW” moments with my sugar cookies and then some yummy moments with faster, easier options.

Last year I used these red, green and white cookies as the WOW moment cookies and then I added some candy canes, some kisses, and an EMERGENCY MARSHMALLOW STASH (EMS — I just made a little sign and printed it) as well as some rice krispy treats with smashed up mint Oreos in them. Then I put all the goodies in fun boxes topped with tinsel. Oh my gosh who am I? People are not getting that this year.

Haha. Then again, when I think about NOT doing it I get so sad I want to cry. Because stuff like this makes me SO HAPPY. So maybe I will. With a newborn strapped to me. IT’S HARD BEING INSANE.



Look how little Ginger was! She loves helping me assemble things.


And in case I hadn’t made enough cookies last year I also did a collab with Studio DIY. I sent her some cookies to Los Angeles (I have a bonus video in Alison’s Cookie Party on how to mail and package cookies!) and she photographed them with a fun printable placemat on her blog! See it here! I made a ton for that in my favorite colors for Christmas, which are the more vintage inspired: pink, blue, and yellow. I also made some “stockings” for Kelly and her husband Jeff, the dream team behind Studio DIY.

I had so much fun making so many different ones with this batch with tons of colors. But let it be known this is by FAR the most time-consuming and icing-consuming way to do this. If you want to be efficient make a whole bunch of the same cookie with just a few colors. But I just get bored and like to make a whole bunch.


I call these my “chilly reindeer.”




And I modeled that Santa after those vintage Santa mug faces, you know what I mean?





Palm Springs getaway…



Like I said, a SUPER inefficient way to make cookies but a lot of fun. And these are the cute placemats you can download from Studio DIY right here.


And I made one more batch…I know I know…this was all last year and I wanted people to see the many wonder’s of Alison’s Cookie Party OK?

These were for a White Elephant gift exchange and I thought I was SO funny. Still do.


And OH MY GOSH I think that’s it?!

SO! Hopefully you found one or two ideas of something you might be excited to try!?

Again, I really gurantee you’ll have so much fun with my course. Be sure to get it on sale! It’s here:

Alison’s Cookie Party 20% off with the code: LOVINFROMTHEOVEN

This code will also get you 20% off my other course Party With Alison: a step-by-step guide on how to throw ANY type of super fun party!


20% off the bundle!

So you can get both courses and make cookies, then throw really fun parties, and be the belle of the ball!

To gift the course:
Click on the “I want this”  or “buy this” on the product. Then click “pay” and in the box where your email should be entered (as you go to “purchase” the course) you’ll see a tiny gift box, you can click that and it will set up the purchase as a gift. BUT for some reason the gift box shows up better on mobile (like when you’re on your phone) than on the computer. I’m talking to Gumroad about this, but if you’re having troubles try it on your phone! That’s kind of annoying I know, I’m sorry!

If you really can’t get it to work you can always just enter the email of the person you are gifting it to in place of yours, because the email that you enter is the email that the course is sent to!

I really appreciate those of you who support me and this course! It’s been a huge blessing that people want to buy it, and it enables me to create more organic content that I love (things like dance videos and parties!), and not be such a slave to traditional social media advertising! So THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!

I hope you have fun baking and being festive! Be sure to tag your creations so I can praise you and you can join the EPIC party that is #alisonscookieparty.


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