Alison’s Pregnant Lady Dance Off


Now that I’ve put my pride (what little I have left) aside, and shared all my pregnant lady dance moves with you, WATCH THEM ALL HERE (or scroll to the bottom of this post) I feel like it’s time for the rest of the pregnant ladies to embrace what they’ve got and SHAKE IT. So whether it’s squishy first trimester love handles, flabby second trimester tummies, or full-fledged third trimester BUMPS, I say, love it and use it.


Right. BUT I also wanted to embrace and include all those amazing parents who aren’t able, or choose not to, carry their own children, and opt instead to adopt! Because adoption is so so beautiful!

So even though this is #alisonspregnantladydanceoff it’s also open to people who are actively in the process of trying to adopt a child. Because I feel like they are pregnant in spirit!


(don’t spam my hashtag with promotional stuff, I get soooo annoyed hahaha)

As I thought about hosting this dance off I learned that November is National Adoption Month, so it just seemed meant to be!

I do lots of dance offs that are all-inclusive, but as I’m personally in this particular phase (expecting), and I’ve placed a lot of emphasis on pushing (ha) through the tough times (read this post), I wanted to do a dance off that really celebrates the beauty of bringing children into loving families, of all kinds, in different ways. So again, this dance off is for pregnant ladies and people who are actively part of the adoption process. BUT no need to be sad, because you know I’ll host more dance offs in the future!

So here’s how you enter! If you’re pregnant or trying to adopt, DANCE! and post it on Instagram!

A panel of judges and I will choose 4 winners when the contest ends on Tuesday November 24 at midnight MST. BOOM!

Here are the rules in more detail:

1. Read my legal terms! By posting an entry into #alisonspregnantladydanceoff on IG or other social media site, you are agreeing to these terms:

By participating in this dance contest,  I understand that I am not required to participate in any or all of the fabulous dance movements demonstrated by the Alison Show, LLC (and good luck trying!).  I understand that dance and physical exercise have inherent risks, particularly during pregnancy and I will listen to my body above all else. I hereby release the Alison Show, LLC from any liability if I am to injure myself or my baby as a result of my participation.

2. Post A NEW video to Instagram of YOU (cough, not your kids) dancing, and use the hashtag #alisonspregnantladydanceoff and also tag @thealisonshow IN THE CAPTION

You must be pregnant or trying to adopt at the time of the contest. Your profile must be public when entering the contest. I apologize if you are private! But in order to keep things fair, entries must be public until the contest ends.

3. Contest runs Thursday, November 19th until Tuesday, November 24th at midnight MST. 

4 winners will be announced on Wednesday November 25th on my blog!

And that’s it!!!

As for the prizes, GET FREAKING EXCITED!

I’ve personally reached out to 7 of my favorite people/shops, who make amazing products for little ones! I was SUPER selective about these prizes, because I wanted to share items that I personally use and have for my babies and that I know new parents would be lucky to have!

4 lucky winners will receive the following:

A bag of your choice from Fawn Design ($150+ value)



Jenny from Fawn Design recently gifted me bag with no strings attached. Meaning if I liked it and wanted to share GREAT, if not, no biggie. So I started using it AND FELL IN LOVE! And when I love something I want to share it with the world! I adore being able to wear it as a backpack, it makes me feel cool, hahaha, and Eric doesn’t mind carrying it either! I also love all the pocket options!

This is SUCH a good diaper bag/purse option for a new parent. And I’m super thankful Jenny was willing to gift 4 of them as prizes! This is a real treat! I have a custom platinum color, but you KNOW I love blush, and you can’t beat that class black! Or any of her new colors! They are all so good!

The bags are fully lined with the same gorgeous faux leather on the inside that is on the outside, which makes them totally wipeable, and as soon-to-be 3rd time mom I can tell you that’s a MUST!

Images from Fawn Design / Find @fawndesign on Instagram here

A Solly Baby Gift Set: Solly Wrap, Solly Swaddles & Carrying Baby Book ($120+ value)


I’ve been friends with the founder of Solly Baby, Elle Rowley, since college. It has been an honor watching her grow her fantastic business and develop her beautiful product. Elle is genuine, sincere, and so committed to quality it’s not even funny! Haha. Her goods are GORG!

I LOVE the Solly Wrap, used it with Rad, and I can’t wait to try Elle’s new Solly Swaddles with this baby. Elle has offered that each winner will get the wrap and swaddle set of their choice (it comes with 2 swaddles!) as well as her beautiful Carrying Baby board book. So so fun!

Images from Solly Baby / Find @sollybabywrap on Instagram here

$65 Gift Card to Tubby Todd Bath Co.

tubby todd

tubby todd

Big huge DUH! That Tubby Todd was going to be one of the prizes! My sister Andrea and her husband Brian started Tubby Todd Bath Co., a line of all natural bath products for little ones, and I’m really glad they did because I LOVE their stuff! And not just because she’s my sister.

You can read testimonial after testimonial (there are reviews on her site or check out these) of how families have found relief for their baby and kid’s sensitive skin, eczema, and other irritations with Tubby Todd’s all-natural products, but I’ll just tell you from personal experience that these goodies make your skin feel and look AMAZING. Yes it’s for kids, but I started using the lavender wash as my face wash when I ran out of my regular stuff, and my skin got so clear! Haha. I love the bubble bath, the ointment, the lotion! All of it. She also has a REALLY fun Holiday scent (with custom bottle!) coming out that I can’t wait for!

And in other fun news…my sister Andrea is ALSO expecting baby #3!!! HAHAHA. We are ALWAYS pregnant at the same time!

Images from Tubby Todd / Find @tubbytodd on Instagram here

$50 Gift Card to Little Sapling Toys 

little sappling full

little sapling unicorn

I absolutely LOVE this local company, Little Sapling Toys, and their modern wooden toys! It’s so nice to have a few toys I can keep out on display that look good, and that the kids actually like to play with! Kimber, the owner, is a DOLL, and their products are so well made! We have the cobblers bench, and both Rad (2) and Ginger (5) love playing with it. We also have this unicorn rocker (shown above), and it’s the belle of the ball when kids come over to play.

Little Sapling Toys plants a tree for each toy sold, and they also have lots and lots of personalization options, so they make such fantastic gifts or toys to have on display in your new nursery as you’re waiting for baby to come!

Images from Little Sapling Toys / Find @littlesaplingtoys on Instagram here

$100 Gift Card to June and January

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.41.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.39.07 PM

June and January has THE BEST basics for little boys and girls! The clothes are so well made and last wash after wash! I’ve loved Amy, the owner, and her line of clothing for several years now (formerly known as Little Hip Squeaks), and I was so so happy with how well the clothing kept with time as Rad wore it.

I’m dying over her new line of knit tights, in all the best colors, because they are thick like leggings and I cannot wait to get them on this baby girl! Ginger refuses to wear tights now, and I miss them. Also that image of the baby in the black Hoodie Jumper is my friend Kimmy’s little Jack! Isn’t it the best? $100 to her shop is going to go far!

P.S. June and January is giving The Alison Show readers 20% off through November 24th with the code: pregnantlady 

Images from June and January / Find @juneandjanuary on Instagram here

$60 Gift Card to Freshly Picked

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.21.18 PM


Do Freshly Picked Moccasins really need any sort of introduction or explanation? No! But I’ll give you one anyway. These are THE original. All other moccasins in this style are imitators, and I can say that with confidence because I got to watch firsthand as Susan Petersen worked tirelessly to perfect her moccasin pattern, revision after revision, prototype after prototype, until she had developed the perfect soft-sole shoe that stays PUT on your child’s foot. And that’s the style and shoe you see today!

I am absolutely SPOILED rotten to be close friends with Susan and my babies have been in her moccs always! BUT I often say, I loved the moccs before I loved the woman, haha and I became friends with her as we were both selling early versions of some of our products at a local craft fair. I’m so happy Susan has offered a pair (or $60 gift card) to each of the winners! It’s an honor to be her friend, and not for the free moccs, but because of the inspiring, selfless, and loving person that she is.

Also on a fun side note, my husband, Pleasant Pictures Music, recently composed the original music for her latest video that features Riley Curry. You can watch it here!

Images from Freshly Picked / Find @freshlypicked on Instagram here

A Leather Triangle Mobile from The Little Tiny ($65+ value)



Did you know that The Little Tiny is my side company that makes and sells these leather triangle mobiles? HAHAHA I literally NEVER talk or post about it, because I have a great seamstress who makes them, ships them, answers emails, and never bothers me for anything! Haha! So I tend to forget. But it doesn’t mean I don’t still think these mobiles are SUPER cute! They have their own Instagram account and everything!

I designed them after I had Ginger and felt like it was really really hard to find a cool, modern mobile that could graduate from the nursery to the big kid’s room. I’m happy that they’ve withstood the test of time, and are modern without being too trendy. So I’ve giving one away to each of the 4 winners, they can choose which one they would like! I have lots of fun options, but I tend to find they all look good no matter what color-scheme you choose! Because they are pretty versatile. I named this one after the hot vampire Enzo on The Vampire Diaries. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Images from The Little Tiny / Find @thelittletinyshop on Instagram here

And that’s it! I mean, not like THAT’S IT like that isn’t a ton, because, isn’t it a ton?! But I’ll be sharing some discount codes and sales these are shops as having all week long on Instagram and again here when I announce the winners next Wednesday!

SOOOOOOO spread the word, send the pregnant ladies you know to Instagram to enter! And again if you needed an dance move inspiration:

That’s what I’ve got for ya!

I’ll hope you remember that I’m grateful for and appreciate every single person who enters my dance offs! I know what it’s like to put yourself out there, haha trust me, and it’s not always easy! That’s why it means so much to me when people participate. It’s one thing to sit back and watch and another to throw your hat in the ring. So I really feel the love when people do! And people always tell me they’re glad they jumped in and joined the fun when after it’s over. So pregnant mamas I hope you’ll join me!

And I love you all!!!



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    Is there a limit on the amount of times you can enter?

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