DIY Printable Halloween Masks!

diy printable halloween masks_0037

BOO!!! It’s a whole family of ghosts! But you get to make them just how you want them–with VERY Alison Showesque accessories. Haha!


And there are bats too!


So you get to choose! You can make your very own narcissistic ghost…like I did!

diy printable halloween masks_0030

P.s. I love nothing more than 5-year-old handwriting.

diy printable halloween masks_0049

And I might have made the “Daddy” ghost resemble a certain man in my life…

diy printable halloween masks_0041

Can you handle the family picture on the iPhone?

diy printable halloween masks_0051

Or, like I said, if you’re more of a bat person! We’ve got them too.

diy printable halloween masks_0045

Ginger is really into bats.

I’m really into eating.


Rad is really into being mad at all of us. But we don’t mind.

diy printable halloween masks_0043

Basically, we’ve got everything you need to create your own little bat or ghost mask character, and it’s all with a free printable!

So are you ready to get your mask on!? I hope so. BECAUSE IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!! I’m feeling festive. Are you feeling festive? Like THIS FESTIVE?


If you’re not quite at my level yet, and let’s face it, you may or may not want to be at my level EVER…but if you’d like to feel MORE festive (or in the vicinity of my level) than you currently do, I have a VERY last-minute Halloween craft for you! And I’m excited about it, because last minute is HOW I ROLL. And I know it’s how a lot of other people roll too.

This is just some good, clean, Halloween fun that is perfect for you and a group of friends, you and the family, or just YOU if you’re wanting something to do while you’re waiting for your crazy Halloween night festivities to start.

I like holiday activities that are simple and straight forward, and something you can ACTUALLY do in a group. So I partnered up with Hello Tosha to create these DIY printable Halloween masks. The masks are plain ghosts and bats that you can personalize with fun printable accessories.

We also made a really fun video showing my family getting into the making of them. We decided to turn the mask making into a Halloween Breakfast Party! My kids absolutely LOVED personalizing their masks, well at least Ginger did, and Rad loved drinking all the milk out of his cereal.

We kept the breakfast party casual and cool by having the dress code be: Halloween Jammy Chic. Eric loves when I have him in his jammers for my online friends…HAHAHA. No but really. He loves me.

So I hope you enjoy it, and I hope these masks inspire you to just sit down and do something fun, festive and just a tad bit mindless! OR if you need a last-minute costume, these would work AB FAB for that too. Surprisingly enough I don’t LOVE dressing up. But seriously. I don’t love wearing costumes. Maybe because I prefer to dress slightly absurd on a daily basis? So a mask is about as much as I will commit to. Haha.

Now watch us get crafty!



How fun is that!? I really really love this project because you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like. And I hope you like that too. Obviously for the sake of keeping things interesting for the video we brought out ALL the fun crafty goodies we could think of! But if you wanted to just print the accessories and cut those out, all you need is paper and glue! You could even draw your own.

PRINTABLE halloween mask

PRINTABLE halloween mask

I really love my crazy family these days. They are the absolute best. But that still doesn’t mean Eric and I are 100% certain it was a REALLY smart idea to add one more child to the madness. HAHA I guess it’s too late now!


diy printable halloween masks_0031

diy printable halloween masks_0038

Here’s to a safe, fun, and awesome Halloween! I love you all.




Videography: Modern Atelier
Artwork & Printables by Hello Tosha for The Alison Show
Photography: Becky Kimball, with additional shots from Modern Atelier & Carla Thorup 
Styling: Sarah Jane Larsen of Hazel and Jane
Crafting, concept, creative director: ME, OBVIOUSLY


  1. Betsy G

    This is too cute!! I love how festive you are Alison- thanks for making me smile. Happy Halloween!!

    1. Aw thank yoU! Happy halloween! xo

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